Thursday, July 26, 2012

No....fuck no.

Benson seeks to buy Times-Picayune

A rare moment where I am in complete agreement with Steve Newhouse.  The last thing this city needs is for Benson to own one more fucking thing we depend on...even if that thing is currently crippled.

Master Blaster run Bartertown!!!

He already has us bent over the barrel as it is due to our hopeless addiction to the Saints.  We're on the verge of indenturing our children into free labor at Benson Tower in order to make sure Tom's profits are meeting the mark.

Nice gesture, Tom, but just go count your money and try and pull your granddaughter back from Monaco, Paris, Dubai....wherever she's dicking around this week.  Somebody's gotta run the team and you're obviously too busy being the Brain to Rita's Pinky.


I don't have anything against Benson, personally....well...except for his heartless attempt to move the Saints to San Antonio after Katrina.  I just don't particularly like monarchies.

Vitty Cent even chirped up on the matter today.  He broke it down into a three point argument, managed to tout his own Facebook prowess in point number 2 (the ladies love the Facebooks) but methinks number three is the gem:
"Third, from a pure business perspective, you're about to get smoked.  The Advocate and others are moving in to fill the void you are creating.  And TP subscribers, including me, will be eager to cheer them on by trading our subscriptions. " 
"Hey man! You're gonna get smoked, man!  My big brother is coming down from Baton Rouge and he's gonna kick your ass, man!  You are soooooooo fucked, dude! "

Ok.  I'm gonna hold my breath on that one.

Here's a pregnant idea...just leave Newhouse alone.  He doesn't give a shit about the city's loyalty to the brand or idle threats from Ho-lovin' senators.  He will run the brand into the ground before he admits defeat....really...he's not shittin'.  It's his baby and he'll leave it in the back seat of his Hyundai in a Wal-Mart parking lot with the windows rolled up on a comfortable July afternoon in Harahan if he wants to....fuck you very much.

So whatcha say?  How 'bout we just move on?  There's no shortage of new vison to fill the TP void so let's just get on with it and let the TP wander where it may.  Is that crazy talk? 


Anonymous said...


is that like an ashly thing?

rita is his daughter and granddaughter?

how can i send you a .jpg ?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah I screwed up the granddaughter thing...fixed.

Send it to my email:


Sop811 said...

What kind of serious buyer would make an offer to buy a private business and then leak it to the media? How this grandstanding ever made the news mystifies.

Spot on post Jason.


Ricardo said...

Good post Jason. We all know that Vitti has already gone digital @

Anonymous said...

Nope. That does not sound crazy at all.

I say the same kind of thing to people I know who think they can "reform" the Catholic Church.

Why waste your whole life's energy fighting to make small changes in a fundamentally corrupt and evil institution, when you could just let it go, and live the end result you are fighting to "let" them "let" you try to build?

Want an approach to your religion that is good to women and non-child-molesty? Stop fighting for permission and go and live that. Take ownership and assert agency instead of struggling to let Big Daddy let you do what you know is right.

You're not going to change the way the TP does news? Well, stop wasting time trying to reform a bad model, and put that energy into figuring out what a good model would be, and build that.

When you are learning to drive a car, they tell you: look in the direction you want to go.

Better to drive the car than to bitch about the destination from the back seat.

Anonymous said...

A nice big juicy hole for a still free market! Yea for that. I wonder why no one has tried to break into the teetering and financial wreck of the float building monopoly ?

Anonymous said...

The real reason Mr.Benson should not be allowed to own the Times-Picayune is his blackmail style approach to the La. Legislature i.e. if you don't give me this sweet heart deal I'll take the team/s somewhere else.

Now imagine in owning a local paper Mr. Benson discovers scandal dirt on a few of his chronic legislative politicos who oppose/es his future sweet deals concerning the Saints or Hornets.

A newspaper is the guardian of the public from the scandals of the government and their political cronies and Mr. Benson's firing of Val Bracy at his FOX8LIVE station when she was hot on the heels of JP corruption probably proved too close to the Benson's Airline Saints' operation and offended some of his JP political friends.

So I don't say NO, I say HELL NO !!!