Thursday, July 12, 2012

OUCH!!...Mea Culpa...

I have made an egregious error.  I used a metaphor that Gambit's, Kevin Allman, had already used to describe the Newhouse nonsense we are currently suffering from.

"The Brave Newhouse World"

I apologize to Kevin....I swear I didn't do it consciously.  I am a huge Huxley fan and the first thing I thought of when this whole debacle started was his quote about what "isn't reported".

Kevin pegged, "The Brave Newhouse World" before I did.

Salud!  I swear to you, sir, I had no intention of stealing that thunder.  As soon as I find the link I will post front and center.

Also....I am a Huxley fanatic.  Perhaps we should drink and discuss.  


jeffrey said...

Good rule of thumb: Any time you've got a particularly groanworthy pun at the ready, it's always a good idea to check and see if Allman hasn't already deployed it.

Kevin said...

Dude! Not to worry. It's a logical headline. Hell, I used "Loch, Stock and Barrel" for a headline about the Louisiana schoolbook farrago. Fortunately, someone pointed out to me (in time) that Moseley had already used the same headline for his story at The Lens. It happens. - Kevin

Jason Brad Berry said...

Duley noted, J.

It is a great headline, Kevin....deserves to be used twice.

Clay said...

Someone stole from you: snakes on a plane.