Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rising Tide is upon us

Alright folks....it's coming up on Saturday and the panels and keynote speakers are outta sight.  Please carve out your Saturday and come to Xavier to experience Rising Tide 7: A Conference on the Future of New Orleans.  

Also, for those of you too drag-assity (Kentucky term) to get down to the amazing Xavier Campus, we will be webcasting the event on the Rising Tide blog as well as on other New Orleans blogs, I think The Lens, and basically anyone else who wants to embed the link....besides MSM....I'm just kidding I guess they can link it too even though I know they won't.  I will post the embed information for the kick-assity (my new term) webcast provided by yours truly within the next couple days.

If you do opt out of the real world event and choose to watch online, please donate to Rising Tide as that allows us to keep putting the event on year after year.  More importantly, RT is a focal point for the local blogging community to recognize each others work and inspire others to pick up the blogging lance, mount the horse and charge the windmill.  

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Anonymous said...

Zombie, I know you're on good terms with the amazing Mac, because her work has appeared here and she's commented here. I was pleased the one time she thanked me for a comment.

My head was swelled for days.

That girl can write. And she has a piece in Mother Jones right now about her home state of Ohio. This heads up is because I think it is a must-read.

Is it part one of that long biography of Churchill that is called "The Gathering Storm"?

I might have that wrong. I may be "misremembering" like a politician on the stand.

But reading Mac's piece, and connecting what I read to all the other stories about how totally fucked people are all over the country, that phrase, "the gathering storm" popped into my head.

This can't be good. A strong country with so many forced into such conditions cannot be good for anyone.