Monday, October 22, 2012

You guys are amazing....Thank you

....from the bottom of my slightly-twisted heart.....thank you so much.  We raised about $1200 in 24 hours from AZ readers:

Ken, James, Meg, Deborah, Stephen, Matthew, Greg, Jill, Venessa, Michael, Thomas, Jack, Ralph, Patrick, Rania, Jean, Sherry, Darrell, John, Clay, Jenny......Thank you with with all my heart. ( I can see the names of donators now)

If you want to still donate, please do.

The total cost of the funeral is $3600 but I set a personal goal for AZ of $1000 which we exceeded in short order.  Personally, it lifts my soul to know all of you care.

I will post Josh's funeral information as soon as I get it.



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