Monday, November 05, 2012

Stop paying the ferryman...

....he's ripping us off.

I'm proud of myself for successfully refraining from making any comments regarding local candidates in tomorrow's race.  Lots of stuff I wanted to write but I just felt like riding this one least until the runoffs.

However, one vote I do feel rather strongly about is the proposition to EXTEND (not end) the tolls on the Crescent City Connection.

I am adamantly against extending the tolls.  I have had the pleasure of rapping with State Rep. Pat Connick about the CCCD on more than one occasion and I'm convinced it's one of the most corrupt (dare I say it...of course I do) slush funds in the city.  It's a bloated cow that needs to be busted and buried.

Everything from a bullshit kickback scheme with Mr. Bubbles carwash to a redundant multi-million dollar insurance contract with a local politically connected broker/insurance company (there is no need to retain an insurance policy on the bridge, if it was damaged in a storm FEMA would cover the repair costs).

And let's not forget about the politicians who look at it as their own private fiefdom, like Rep. Jeff Arnold.

And need I mention that Netmethods got a security camera contract with the CCCD?  'Nuff said.

On top of the's simply a nuisance road block between a vital artery that connects both sides of the city.  I can't tell you how many times I've found myself on the Best Bank being forced to find that elusive ATM on General De Gaulle because I didn't have a buck on me (I live on a debit card like most modern folks these days). cops on that fucking thing are off the hook ticket happy.  Seriously, between the cops and the toll I get an anxiety attack just thinking about having to go to the Best Bank and that sucks because I love Vietnamese cuisine.  I think we already have like seven independent police entities in the city already, I'm pretty sure we can get by without this one.

So here is what it looks like on the ballot:

As you probably already know, the way a proposition is worded is critical to the way people vote because most people don't take the time to read.  If you agree with NO.  I would never tell anyone how to vote but I do make my case here for why I would vote NO.

Happy voting.


oyster said...

I'm glad you wrote this, and totally agree. The arguments in favor of keeping the tolls are laughably unpersuasive. Light bill? Give me a break. Maintenance? I don't think the difference between local and state maintenance is worth a toll. They preemptively solved the corruption? Too little too late. Traffic will get WORSE? I'll take my fucking chances, thx. It's only 40 cents or a dollar, and other tolls are higher? ... well, then it's not worth stopping for.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, AZ. There has been major reform with the CCC, the Algiers-NOLA ferry is absolutely necessary, and if you want to trust the state's maintenance, take a look at some other bridges around the state they maintain. I just voted and I voted to maintain the tolls.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Too little, too late. Is the insurance policy still in place? I think so. The ferry isn't going anywhere. And as for the maintenance, are you suggesting the CCCD has maintained the bridge? Really? The state can't be any worse....needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Voted against this corruption trough. Everyone I've spoken to have all said they are voting against the ccc toll tax. Netmethods crime cameras are still in operation on the ccc so how can these people say the corruption and malfeasance is gone. .40 cents goes towards the bridge but .80 cents goes towards non-bridge things. Dump the tolls.

frog said...

What will fund the maintenance of the bridge? As for the ferries, Jindal has been happily dismantling Public Health Services and Public Education, so why wouldn't he get rid of the ferries?