Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little litmus test....

Can anyone go to WWLTV's website, here:


Now, could you either use the search engine or navigate the menu to any story written by David Hammer or Brendan McCarthy?

After you do that could you guys report what the results of your search were in the comment section of this blog post?



YO...CLARIFICATION:  Not implying subterfuge, I just want to find out if their website is really so bad that I can't even find stories by their top reporters through their menu or search function.  I am not sure if it's user error on my part or if the website is that fucking stupid.   That's all I'm testing...or litmusing...whatever...

AND....I was that stupid.  For some reason last night I was missing the "Eyewitness Investigates" section in the drop down menu under News.  I ended up finding what I was looking for by going back through one of the reporter's twitter feeds.  The search function on the site is rather horrible though.


Bigezbear said...

I was able to find articles by each of the reporters. I entered their names in the search bar. When the results came up, I specified "Exact Word" and ran the search again. There they were.

One can also click on "News" on the tab bar, then select "Eyewitness Investigates." There's Hammer McCarthy, and Perlstein.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I now see the Eyewitness Investigates....thanks! For some reason I was missing that last night.

The search function is atrocious but if you can get there through the menu it's good enough.

Frustrating GUI all and all.

Thanks, Glenn.

swampwoman said...

I don't know if this has changed on the WWL TV website, but in the past while searching for video stories, the New Orleans content gets dumped into the repository with ALL Belo owned TV stations, so one would have to search through 20 pages of video from around the country before finding New Orleans content. Yeah, its that bad...