Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Commentary coming...

Federal target Fred Heebe hunted a specific online detractor a year before unmasking Perricone

Don't have time to comment on this so much right now but I will later on tonight, plus I have some information to add to the story.

One item I want to mention....I don't think it was such a great idea to actually post that picture of the alleged commenter.  By posting the pic publicly, Nola.com may have just outed one of their own commenters.  I guess it's too late to take it down but this concerns me greatly.

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Anonymous said...

as it should worry all who post on NOLA --- but then they don't care about their commenters getting outed. Read Sandy Rosenthal's explanation about how she was able to back door on her NOLA-sponsored blog to 'out' her COE detractors. Maybe it's only fun for some folks if they can comment or blog unfettered but their targets / detractors have to be shut down