Monday, January 28, 2013

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

...I know.  King Georges may buy the village press.  Color me amused.

Personally...I think it's time to buy stock in the independents....also known as the dangerous peoples of the internets.


Ricardo said...

John Georges can not make the Advocate any worse than it is already.
Well, he might be able to triple fuck an editorial board.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Oh I'm looking forward to it. Never a boring day in the gret stet.

Anonymous said...

One advantage of knowing the particular set of bias that an owner or editor of a news outlet has is that you can read between the lines with greater ease.

If a particular story is not covered at all, you know to look at that story as the tip of an iceberg of potential corruption.

If a particular story is covered in an obviously slanted way, you can see what other picture might be there if you reverse your way of looking at it.

You know those pictures that are kissing faces if you look at the black shapes, but a vase if you look at the negative white space between the faces?

It's like that. Georges shows you kissing faces? Look for the vase.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ricardo. We switched our subscription from the T-P to the Advocate in October but are giving up on it already.

The Advocate is just pathetic.

Eli said...

He was right about Jim Letten all along lolz.