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Comment Bump, February 19, 2013

Kevin has left a new comment on your post "The Wisner Fund - Battle for the Bayou - Part 2": 

"Did the JV/PSC attorneys present Judge Barbier with the dissenting opinion of the Louisiana State Bar Association by attorney, Eric Barefield?”

I’m not an attorney. I’m not attempting to give legal advice or practice law without a license. But, I can read and write and I believe the language below is sort of related to your question. It is retyped from the 8/23/12 order of Judge Barbier appointing Wisner counsel:
“Before the Court is a motion seeking to substitute counsel for the Edward Wisner Donation (“Donation”), a land trust. (Rec. Doc. 7144). Some of the beneficiaries of the Donation object to the substitution on the perceived grounds that it would create a conflict of interest and support this position with an advisory opinion from the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Ethics Advisory Service. (Rec. Doc. 7140). The objectors (fn.1) also request that they be given until September 4, 2012 to file a full opposition. The proposed substituting counsel filed a response to the objection. (Rec. Doc. 7148).”
“fn.1: The Court does not consider here the argument that the objectors lack standing to oppose the motion to substitute counsel.” 

In response to another question, this one about Basile Uddo and campaign contributions to Mitch Landrieu, according to campaign finance records available online from the Louisiana Board of Ethics, Basile Uddo donated $2,500 on 4/20/06; $1,000 on 4/26/11; $500 on 2/8/10; and, $200 on 10/19/07 to Mitch Landrieu.  (Confirmed, I just need to make links...this is true.)

Calvin Fayard and daughter, Caroline, each appointed by the Court as Wisner counsel, also each donated $5,000 to Mitch on 11/20/12. (True dat)

Will these Wisner attorneys be perpetually representing the interests of the Donation (or whatever it becomes) pursuant to an order of a federal court? If so, that’s not a bad client to catch when you’ve been practicing law a little more than 5 years. 

ZOMBIE NOTE:  I did account for Calvin and Caroline Fayard's contributions in my estimation of $71,000 being donated to Mayor Landrieu in 2012.  Refer to 2.1.  

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