Saturday, March 16, 2013

A little help

I'm currently working on a story about the BP PSC attorneys that I discovered as an offshoot of the Wisner story.  I recently filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Center (DHECC) to get some basic information I need to tell the story.

Last week my request was denied:

I blacked out the actual request because I don't want to tip my hat just yet as to what I'm looking for.  I don't want to reveal the story until I can get the data I need to back it up.

The documents I am seeking do not infringe on the privacy of claimants, I am just seeking general information on what claims were filed within a certain time period.

I'm posting this because I need help.  If there are any legal eagles out there or freedom of information advocacy type folks who can help me, I need it.  I thought I had some peeps that were helping me with this but they seemed to have bugged out (it's a pretty big deal so that doesn't surprise me).

I know the information I'm seeking exists, it would be contained within this recent court order from Judge Barbier.

I think the information I'm seeking deserves public transparency as does the overall story.  It will be of great interest to the public, especially those who are still waiting to see their claims resolved...especially considering what is currently transpiring with the BP settlement:

BP asks federal judge to halt approval of billions in payments for fictitious 'losses'

If you would like to help me, just contact me via email @  I'll be happy to show you the FOIA request and explain what story I'm working on after I establish contact with someone(s) who I know is sincere in wanting to help.  Thanks.


Anonymous said...

The DWHECC is a travesty. Everyone is getting paid EXCEPT the people that it was set up to help.

I think there is another class action against them and the PSC waiting to happen.

Jason Brad Berry said...

If the story I'm working on proves itself're goddamn right it's a travesty. But I need data to find out exactly what has happened. And to get that data I need to get the information...basically statistics...of the claims filed with the DHECC liberated to the public. We deserve to know what is going on and I need help in liberating that information.

I believe, what is happening at this very moment, is a travesty but I believe what's already happened is worse. I don't know for sure yet but the information I'm seeking will put the corner pieces of the puzzle together.

Anonymous said...

If only you and I didn't already have so much history already... c'est la vie.

Hope you get the help; and that you bring thee modern day pirate, asshats out into the light.

Anonymous said...

Having firsthand knowledge of the DHECC, I know that claims are not handled in any particular order or manner.

PSC attorney firms and other attorneys have direct access to DHECC decision makers, whereas on the other hand, the DHECC and their representatives’ instruct it’s staff not to publish phone numbers and other contact information to the general pubic.

Because these attorneys have direct access to accountants responsible for reviewing and processing claims, they are having their claims paid in ridiculous proportions compared other claimants.

Accountants behind the scenes largely ignore claimants not represented by attorneys, in clear violation of an agreement that is supposed to be fairly administered to all claimants similarly situated.

Accounting firms reviewing claims have no incentive for expediency or results, but only to bill as many hours as they can, while often preforming redundant tasks, in hopes this boondoggle will last as long as possible.

A travesty indeed, unless you are a PSC attorney, or another law firm who is well connected…

Kevin said...


Are the PSC firms representing opt-out claimants? Are the PSC firms receiving attorney's fees for assisting the claimants you describe in your comments above?

Kevin said...

Anon at 4:01:

"first hand knowledge" - do you know if the court is aware of the things described in your comments? My personal definition of "the court" would include any special masters.

Anonymous said...


Yes, the PSC attorneys are representing opt-out clients. In fact, some PSC attorneys have advised some of their own clients to opt-out!
To your second question, the PSC attorneys are essentially 'triple dipping.' The PSC attorneys are being paid $600 million by BP to complete the Global Settlement. Additionally, these same attorneys will collect a percentage of any settlement they win for a client. And thirdly, these same PSC attorneys will collect a handsome hourly fee on work towards that same settlement.

Jason Brad Berry said...

We should move this conversation to the newest post, gents.