Thursday, April 11, 2013

Regarding the Wisner Trust press releases

I will offer my full opinion later.... the meantime, I have to pluck this gem out of the fray:

I am confident that the Donation Advisory Committee will have clear instructions from the judiciary on how to conduct its activities."

Really?  Pray tell!  What does that statement mean?  What premonition does this man (Mayor Landrieu) have regarding a judiciary decision that would allow him to make such a declaration?

How can one be so bold?  The judiciary is autonomous to the whims of the Executive branch, is it not?


Kevin said...

Who is the judge that was "randomly" assigned to hear the preemptive suit filed by the Mayor?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I think Medley right now but I believe the suits are being consolidated and will be moved to another court.

bruthas_back said...

Maybe there's a videotape somewhere.

Anonymous said...


Any new thoughts on this matter?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Lots. I've just been incredibly busy with my video world. Tis the season so I'm really busy making money and paying bills. I am dying to get back I to the blogging mode but unfortunately I have to pay some bills right now.