Monday, May 06, 2013

Happy trails

As most of you already know by now, executive counsel to Mayor Landrieu and his representative on the Edward Wisner Donation Advisory Committee, Michael Sherman, has resigned his position and will leave his post on May 24.  I do not know if this decision had anything to do with the Wisner battle or the letter by one of the heirs demanding his resignation.

Considering the bombastic nature of the Committee meetings, I can only assume this is a positive step for the Trust as a whole.  There are still numerous conflicts of interest in respect to the PSC attorneys and their appointment to represent Wisner in their BP oil spill case but the exit of Sherman eliminates some specific conflicts that have been broached (mostly in the comment section) here on AZ, particularly his legal dealings with the Churchill Farms property in Avondale.

There will be more information coming here on AZ about both Churchill Farms and the PSC lawyers' actions regarding the Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Center (DHECC)...stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

NOLA.COM now censoring all comments for Mitch Landrieu generated stories.

Mayor Landrieu will give 'State of the City' address Tuesday

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Kevin said...

Somewhat related:

Does anyone know the status of the BP litigation attorney contract that was discussed a while back?

How about the status of the litigation in the CDC?

Anonymous said...

I believe the attorneys are still both representing the City and Wisner despite the obvious conflicts.

Litigation in the Wisner matter is set for September, according to my sources.

Anonymous said...

Michael Sherman will be named the Mayor Mitch Landrieu campaign director for his re-election in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Sherman will be hung out to dry in September 2013. Sherman will be nowhere near the campaign. He may, however, work behind the scenes much like certain attorneys at jones walker and Herman Herman and Katz do on matters unrelated to City contracts.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Last anon, what do you mean Herman, Herman, & Katz & Jones, Walker are working on matters unrelated to city contracts? They're working for the mayor? If so, how would they be getting paid it is it pro bono?