Wednesday, May 08, 2013

King G strikes

Pulitzer winners leave Times-Picayune for The Advocate

Russell jumps  I told you King G doesn't half-ass do anything....homey don't play.  


Anonymous said...

Rumor is that eliminating more positions and that even more journalists are leaving for the Advocate. It wouldn't surprise me to see Drew Broach and Manual Torres jump ship next.

whitmergate said...

will Russell comute by way of Fred's helicopter ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe BR will have less LSU sports and more real news that actually happens but you'd never know. EX: The sewer will likely go bankrupt and flush the city ala Birmingham Aabama before the crony cretins have a chance to crawl back into it. Who knew?
Maybe those PUDS that are opting out because they can create and manage their own $tink?
For now only small potatoes are ringing the bell and even if The Advocate activates it will still be several seasons before the purple and gold Rumplestilskins recover enough to sense the (light) weight of their wallets.
Doubtful we'll see it but even a blind dog gets a bone or two, if only to create a bark without bite to keep everyone watching.
In the meantime you'll know some THING really BIG happened at the council meetings in Baton Rouge when u hear the news: "fistfight breaks out in PORT ALLEN city meeting as reporters grill P A officials who have the citizenry in a rabid state over a $2000 expense item."

If you really want to know, the best reporting positions ARE in BR because there's nobody home. Plus the door's wide open and plenty to snack on in the kitchen. Oh, and don't worry because all they're watchin' the game out back by the pool, keeping cool drinking purple haze.
Anybody want a beer and a keyboard?