Thursday, May 16, 2013

Something you can do to help...

Alright AZ readers....I know how generous many of you have been in the past, especially when I put out a plea to help pay for Joshua's funeral expenses last Fall.  Not only did we come to Jonathan's (Joshua's brother) aid, we ended up covering the entire funeral expense.  (Thanks to all and especially to you, MA)

Now, I ask all of you to help again.  Deborah Cotton, writer and editor of recently launched New Orleans entertainment based website, New Orleans Good Good, was one of the most severely affected victims in the Mother's Day second line shooting last Sunday.  She's been through hell in the past five days and she has no easy path to recovery ahead of her.  Luckily, the storm clouds are beginning to break for her but she needs as much help as this community can give her.  She is a true champion of New Orleans culture and she has given her heart and soul to this city and its community.  Here's your chance to give back to her.

This is Deb's donation site:

Please visit and give whatever you can...and NOLA bloggers....please share the link far and wide...that's mandatory, peeps.  Thank you!


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