Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Stay tuned...

I have some pretty amazing information coming in about "the formula" used to assess claims at the DHECC, who is actually processing the claims, how they're being processed and, most importantly, how it's being manipulated.  It's very complicated stuff but I'm trying my best to understand it then synthesize it down to a digestible offering.

I have some real world jobs in the next couple days but I will try my best to get this next post up asap.  Hang tight.  


Anonymous said...

I was recently directed to your site because I process claims with the settlement. Something doesn't seem right, they are quick to request additional information then the claim sits for months without receiving an offer.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I may have some explanations as to why...give me a few days.

Anonymous said...


So it looks like yours is the site processors are being "directed" to for info on how this works? Is that official direction? Hmmm....scary.

Maybe you should righteously get a cut if you can straighten it all out. My guess is it's quite a spaghetti bowl. Maybe you could swing enough to get from the screenplay to begin production on the story.

My prediction: someone's going to do this one on a big screen and the biggest problem will be to overcome the cognitive dissonance about the depravity of the players.

Fo' sho': fact IS stranger than fiction, and few will believe it in "BP COMES TO LOUISIANA". (Or is it "IN"?)

......Only in Louisiana......'Oy Vey!