Tuesday, July 02, 2013

What's good for the goose apparently isn't good for the gander

Whadda ya know.  One of the largest claimants on the Gulf Coast, Boise Bollinger, owner of Bollinger Shipyards, hired two of the PSC lawyers.

Calvin Fayard and Joe Rice are representing Bollinger in his claims against BP for damages the shipyard incurred during the spill.

I'm going to give you two guesses as to whether or not Mr. Fayard and Mr. Rice are filing Mr. Bollinger's claims under the DHECC claims process or if they advised him to opt out and file privately.

The first guess doesn't count.

This is a docket filed on April 19, 2013 for CIVIL CASE #: 2:13-cv-01356-CJB-SS

Interesting that Fayard and Rice would advise one of their most important private plaintiff's to opt out of the DHECC claims process, huh?

UPDATE:  Here is the actual lawsuit.


Buzz Killer said...

I may have to do a "where are they now" series for members of what was the UMCMC board thats purpose was to manage the suburban style boondoggle hospital in lower midcity.
Thanks for the news of Boise Bollinger. My jaw dropped at one of the last UMC board meetings I attended when he responded to my comment questioning the board's sincerity regarding wanting to truly provide health care to residents by pointing out that a former board member had just gone through a lung surgery operation and was recovering well. Thus proving their commitment to providing healthcare. I should have specified I meant health care to people that do not make millions of dollars. :P
Bobby Yarborough somehow skirted a major meat recall scandal when his business - Manda Fine Meats - had to pull all their product of the shelves.
Daryll Berger was at the WTC meeting yesterday advocating for the historic building to be demolished.
Tim Barfield had left the board to take a job the Governor offered him that merged two positions into one - doubling his salary - (Strangely, he was at the last board meeting.)
Will run down the rest soon.
Thanks for this!

Clay said...

Boyse made his money largely off service boats for offshore. He's suing BP?

Is Mr. Fayard related to Caroline Fayard?

Dambala - Jason B. Berry said...

That's Caroline's dad.

Kevin said...

I just read the complaint filed by the Bollinger companies. According to that document, the Bollinger companies actually filed claims through the claims center, but they expect BP or the claims center to dispute that they are actually members of the class who can participate in the settlement. The complaint says Bollinger filed suit as a precaution in case they were found not to be members of the class.

I just read in a notice that requests to opt-out of the settlement were to be sent to the claims center in Hammond, LA; not to the court. Now I'm wondering if there is a public list of those who opted-out.