Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Doh! Double Doh!

Anonymous said:

Jason, Please see California v. City of New Orleans case (Court of Appeal, 1st Circuit 1952)
In this case the City takes the position that Wisner is private. I am confused... 

I remember hearing Lund refer to this case in the hearing but I wasn't sure what it was about...or maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention and I was thinking about where I was going for lunch.  Yeah...I was probably thinking about lunch....anyway...here is the case:

California v. City of New Orleans

I bet I know what question is burning in your skull right now....."I wonder what he had for lunch?"

I had the Cuban Cadillac at the Rouse's CBD.  And yes, I burped it up all the way through the remainder of the hearing.  A bad call in hindsight but man that is one rockin'-good sandwich. Rouses ain't afraid to pile the protein on, brutha.

But, personally, I don't think they have a great beverage choice.

I bought that Kombucha crap thinking it was some sort of simple, flavored tea with a funky, "new age" name....sweet Buddha, was I shocked when I took that first swig.  I went ahead and drank the whole damn bottle, minus that stuff at the bottom that looked eerily similar to the same stuff that was growing in the corner of the shower of my frat house back in college.  Where I grew up, I was always taught you had to take your medicine and clean your plate or ass-whuppins' would ensue but I think I'd rather take the ass-whuppin' than drink whatever that schmeg was in the bottom of that bottle.
You should read that whole case.  It's actually not the whole case, it's just a section of the case and it's not that long.  It's interesting because in this 1954 lawsuit the City basically argues not only that the Wisner Trust is private, it also repeatedly acknowledges that it must act with the consent of the Advisory Committee.  The exact two things they were arguing against in this 2013 hearing.  

I need to pay closer attention to these court room dramas but I get so easily distracted by trivial matters.  I suppose that's why I never made it to law school.  Hell, apparently I can't even be bothered to read the labels on tea bottles....hence the title of this post is apt for both the City and me.

Oh...on another note, I'm now curious about how the City of New Orleans acquired 5000 shares in the United Fruit Company and what in Billy Hell the "Institute of Mental Hygiene" was.  I'm thinking we may need to open that department back up if it actually lived up to its namesake, eh?  

You know, that Kombucha stuff is made and bottled in California....I wonder if we could sue them back for that?

UPDATE:  As I have been made aware of on Facebook, The Institute of Mental Hygiene is still in existence....fascinating.


Calph said...

IMH is just another philanthropic grantmaker as far as I know. It sure has a funny name (possibly reflecting Sam Zemurray's own funny disposition), but I'm not aware of anything to suggest that they're not on the up and up.

(Full disclosure: I work for a nonprofit that received a grant from IMH for an early childhood education program).

I'd love to see a post about Sam Zemurray and his impact on New Orleans (to say nothing of his disastrous impact on most of Central/South America).

Jason Brad Berry said...

And please don't think I was suggesting anything not on the up and up with IMH. I just got a kick out of the moniker.

I'm sure every time I list an organization on AZ it sends shivers down people's spines because they think I'm going to crucify them....not so.

I don't a lot about Zemurray or the United Fruit Company but I've heard stories and I'm curious to learn more. Do you have any reading suggestions Calph?

Jason Brad Berry said...


Calph said...

Sure, I've been reading about him lately because a biography of him just came out. It's called The Fish That Ate the Whale: The Life and Times of America's Banana King.

It's a bit excessively dramatized IMO, but only because it would still be a fascinating, colorful story if it was all dry historical facts. I'd recommend it.

Anonymous said...

You wanna know what is really going on I suggest (respectfully) you open your fugin i's.

Read this: http://www.amazon.com/Bananas-United-Fruit-Company-Shaped/dp/1847671942

Then go to Tulane university library and ask for access to the Zemmuray archives if you really want to know.

After that ketchup on the mess that is well drawn out in

Don't believe it? Don't believe it. Not my issue.

I'd just say don't come back here pleading stupidity or lameness. Certainly not ignorance.

Sorry I'm in a bad mood.

Jason Brad Berry said...