Tuesday, December 03, 2013


My condolences to the family of former New Orleans Public Schools Superintendent, Anthony Amato, on his passing.

Former Orleans Parish Schools Superintendent Anthony Amato dies

Anthony was the focal point of the documentary I made with Dr. Vince Morelli, Left Behind, which profiled the troubled New Orleans school system before Katrina.  Amato was a good man burdened with a near impossible task.  Despite his best efforts he quickly became yet one more victim of the bloodsport politics that ruled the Orleans Parish School Board.

Here's the moment (video embed) when Ann Duplessis and Karen Carter called for Amato's head for contracting an out of state, independent accounting firm to conduct an audit of OPSB's books.

RIP Anthony...thanks for the effort.


Clay said...

I had the impression he was a decent guy who tried to do right by the students and just got suffocated.

Great work again on NOLB.

Anonymous said...

Amato came in to the OPSB with all the best credentials and intentions except he was a white man. Amato attempted to expose the Corruption in the Orleans Parish school system.
A Public Character Assassination by Ann Duplessis was an easy shot. Too bad the OPSB is still, to this day, a fiefdom of corruption. Godspeed to Heaven Tony!

Anonymous said...

I remember when Hester called him a racial epithet on her teevee show and wondered if there was any hope.