Thursday, December 19, 2013

DHECC - December 19, 2013

So much happening at's hard to keep track.

Let me start with some new filings by "The Accused"

Christine Reitano, Lionel Sutton and the Andry Law Firm all produced new legal filings in the past couple of days and they seem to be getting much more detailed in an attempt to get a legitimate response out of Judge Carl Barbier.  I'm going to link all of them here and reference some of them later:

Christine Reitano's 3rd supplemental response to Freeh report and reservation of rights

FBI commenter

Andry Lerner response to Court's September 6, 2013 Order to show Cause and Objections to Special Master Freeh's Report

Glen Lerner's Response to the Court's Sept. 6, 2013, Order to Show Cause and Objections to Special Master Freeh's Report

Lionel Sutton, III's Memo in Oppostion to the report of the Special Master Freeh

Exh. A Chertoff Assessment

Exh. B DHECC logs

Exh. C Sutton Lerner Emails

Exh. D Juneau Statement

Exh. E CA Report No. 9

Exh. F CA  Supplemental Report

Exh. G Spanier Opposition

I have a shitload of commentary but for now I'll let you digest this meal at your leisure.

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