Monday, March 31, 2014

DHECC - Lerner files for discovery on expedited claims

Today Glen Lerner filed a motion for discovery with Judge Barbier's court to obtain any information regarding the expedited claims that were revealed in my blog post from March 11:

American Zombie: DHECC - Proof positive of claims being expedited by the PSC

The motion specifically names the blog and the emails made public in the post:

Lerner Motion for Discovery Regarding Expedited Claims

I actually made a similar request (not legal) of Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau last week:
"It has been eleven days since I made this request for the minute entry and I have received no response from your office. 
In the spirit of transparency of the claims process to the public it serves, I once again implore that you please provide me with a copy of (or the court record document number to) all orders, minute entries, and transcripts of each hearing, conference and telephone call (including conference calls) between and among you, the Administrator, and/or anyone on behalf of the DHECC or CAO, the PSC, BP representatives, and most importantly the Court, for each “discussion” you referenced in your response to my story. 
Thank you and I look forward to receiving the records and/or document numbers within a reasonable time frame of fifteen days from today, March 26, 2014.  If you are unable to provide me with the requested public documents or references to public documents,  please respond to me with an explanation as to why the request can not be fulfilled."

Obviously the request has so far gone unanswered.  I hope Lerner has more luck with the Court.

I also received some interesting information and an allegation from an anon. regarding a specific claim mentioned in one of the emails last Friday.  Tonight, I informed Special Master Louis Freeh and the Court of the information and asked Freeh to launch an investigation into the matter.  I faxed the info. and I would like to give them time to read it tomorrow.   I will post on it later on in the day.


Kevin said...

Tremendous kudos to you, Jason, and to those sharing the facts.

I couldn't help noticing the Lerner memo in support doesn't even say the "claimant's lawyer" who sent that September 17, 2012 email to Christine Reitano was actually a PSC member, Calvin Fayard.

Maybe Lerner did all that out of respect or deference to Andry who filed a class action or more with CCF. It will be interesting to see if Andry files a "me too" brief.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Stay tuned, Kevin. You, in particular, will like the next post.

Kevin said...

Motion denied.