Friday, April 04, 2014

DHECC - "Boilerplate" reference

Per anon's request, I am reposting this Freeh response where a GCCF investigator allegedly told members of Freeh's staff that the Thonn investigation was "boilerplate:"

Freeh response to Thonn
"8. Thonn states the Special Master failed to produce the GCCF investigators’ notes from an interview with Thonn’s tax preparer. Response at 4. No notes were produced because the GCCF investigators never interviewed the tax preparer, despite having been tasked to conduct such an interview by a GCCF vendor who noted discrepancies in Thonn’s 2009 tax documents. In meetings with the Special Master’s staff, one of the GCCF investigators called the investigation of Thonn’s claim “boilerplate” with no way to determine if the income shown on Thonn’s tax forms was accurate."

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Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Louis Freeh submitting hearsay to support his position.