Tuesday, April 01, 2014

DHECC - Comment Bump, April 1, 2014

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DHECC - Samples? Possibly....Random? Not likely.": 

Fab-Worx Fabricators is in Pt Allen and is in the construction industry. That raises 2 red flags: causation and matching. Recent BP filings would seem to question how a Fab company in BR could have been affected by the spill, and were revenues and expenses matched.

Construction industry claims have been enjoined off and on for over a year so we know that the expediting really benefited the claimant even if there were no matching issues. But what if there were? Did BP appeal that issue? Or did they consent to the expediting AND the non-matching. It would seem to be important for the public to know that BP consented to expediting a large construction claim for the relative of a PSC member just for the fairness hearing and then moved to enjoin the same type of claims for the rest of the class one month later.

What if BP did not know. In that case, you have the Judge, CA, PSC triad improperly expediting a claim that would have had substantially less value one month later. If that really happened all 3 should resign. Immediately.

And what is the Special Master's position here. Is he going to file a claw back claim against this connected claimant that got a claim paid only because it was improperly expedited or is he going to stick to going after the shrimpers whose only crime was relying on their accountants to file their tax returns? Nevermind, we all know the answer to that question.

The above assumes that Fab-Worx was the claimant and that the claim would have been affected by the recent matching rules. The only way we will know for sure is if the judge grants Lerner's discovery request. Sadly, I think we all know that answer too.

I never even considered the validity of the claim or the causation and matching issues.


Kevin said...

Turns out, all of the "Fab-Worx" entities registered with the SOS in Louisiana are connected to Bobby Maurin.

Fab-Worx Properties = Jamestown Management = Bobby Maurin

Fab-Worx Erectors and Fab-Worx Fabricators = B&G Healthcare Properties = Bobby Maurin.

Fab-Worx Holdings = Bobby Maurin

Anonymous said...

Did a little research if Fab-Worx Fabricators is the proper claim they are located in Zone D currently one of the hardest zones to receive a payment from.

Wonder if BP allowed this claim to be expedited, paid and not challenged just to push the numbers up before the FH. It just might be the next BP ad how stupid can they be to get caught up into BP’s traps.

Looks like BP gave a little and got a lot of mud on the PSC members!!!!!
As everyone else gets screwed!!!!!!

By the way has anyone heard from the PSC, you would think for 6% they would do a better job informing the class. I recall an article that all they needed to do now is SELL US ON THE SETTLEMENT well it still smells like a pile of GCCF.

Anonymous said...

Worse than the GCCF. Freeh filed a reply memorandum in the Thon claw back case where he accused the GCCF of only doing "boilerplate" investigations. Aside from the irony of Freeh criticizing someone else 's investigative tactics, his comment should scare the hell out of anyone waiting on a claim. Particularly since he is probably getting paid by the hour on investigations and a contingency on claw backs.

Anonymous said...

"Freeh filed a reply memorandum in the Thon claw back case where he accused the GCCF of only doing "boilerplate" investigations."

AZ, Anon, or anyone else, can you post the link to that memorandum?

Dambala - Jason Brad Berry said...

I ain't doing shit right now cause I'm drinking some wine and reading a book about WWII.

But if anon doesn't reply I'll try find it tomorrow.