Friday, June 06, 2014

File this one on speed dial

La. film tax credit company owner sentenced for wire fraud

And then...let's look at Walker's good ole' business buddy, Robert A. Maurin, III:

Maurin flow chart

Keep in mind, Maurin's cousin and other business partner, Calvin Fayard, possibly expedited a claim for Maurin's business, Fab-Worx:

American Zombie: DHECC - Samples? Possibly....Random? Not likely. would be amazing if Special Master Louis Freeh looked into that one.

Oh...and this one...

Opposition to Maurin motion for Protective Order



Anonymous said...

Oh, film tax credits... Raised in a film making region, I roll my eyes at film tax credits.

They are fairly essential, if you want to have a film or television industry, and film and television industries do provide jobs, and often fun jobs, to boot.

As a teenager, I was happy to be at work the night we got to shut down a street for a big production number featuring singing and dancing nuns, among others. Sure beats a big box store job.

But film tax credits are loved by the grifter set, that`s for sure.

Some of the people you wrote about in years past seem to like them, too.

Here`s a board game idea: American Zombie`s Louisiana Grifter Bingo, a board game based on the many, many ways people find to corrupt work across the board.

Featuring shady elevations businesses, fraudulent shrimp related activities, construction trade malfeasence, waste removal or dumping corruption, law enforcement bad behavior, oil drilling, oil clean up, politics, law, horse racing, and who all knows what else.

Kevin said...

Man. If all that stuff said in that pleading by the bankruptcy disbursing agent is accurate, then it looks like an expedited payment from the DHECC is something that would have been welcomed by one or more of Mr. Maurin LLCs in 2012 (or sooner), if that actually happened.