Tuesday, August 05, 2014

DHECC - Scoreboard August 5, 2014

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Monday night stats, today we can report a little good news.

59 BEL claims paid for $2,825,370.00 the avg. wind fall as they like to report is $47,887.00

4 IEL claims paid for $155,793.00 the avg. wind fall as they like to report is $ 38,948.00

38 Denials issued with 27 being denied for causation. 

Wait BP is claiming people are being paid without causation well then the same is true. People are being denied that have causation but don’t pass the test that they installed. 

I think it’s great that BP is willing to drop the math test in exchange for a causation test. My bad they don’t want to drop the math test they want another test to thin the herd. 

And for the Sodomites, sorry I mean the apologist for BP who are shedding tears I have a new stat.

When you’re feeling down and looking for some A.S.S. turn to the Failed Business Class. 

With 3,786 claims submitted you can celebrate the Claims Administrator denied 2,577 and only paid 22.

A.S.S.Assumed the Settlement was Satisfactory 


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Anonymous said...

Tuesday night A.S.S. report as of 8/5/14.

189 Denials issued 27 denied for causation.

6 BEL claims paid totaling $65,011.00 the avg. wind fall as they like to report is $ 10,835.12

Current overall Denials now exceed Unique Claimants paid.

2,902 Eligible with no payment.
4,517 Excluded Denials.
3,844 Causation Denials.
10,674 Other Denials
38,590 Incomplete Denials.

60,527 Denials vs. 46,216 Unique Claimants Paid

Hopefully the PSC or BP will show the Supreme Court their A.S.S. they had no problem selling it as they defended and presented with class notice to the so called negotiated Class.

A.S.S. “Assumed the Settlement was Satisfactory”