Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DHECC - from Omega to the Alpha with love

An interesting item about the Omega claim story has popped up after a public records request to the Louisiana Economic Development (LED) office.

On September 2, 2010, Chairman, CEO and President of Omega Protein, Joe von Rosenberg, sent an email and enclosed memo to the Secretary of the LED, Stephen Moret.  In it he mentions that he will be in Baton Rouge the coming Tuesday evening to attend an event for Governor Bobby Jindal.

As fate would have it, Omega made a $5000 donation to the Republican Party of Louisiana the day after that Jindal soiree on September 7th, 2010.  DHECC Claims Administrator Pat Juneau was cc'd in subsequent emails from the LED and shortly after that the Omega Claim was paid out.

It appears LED is who asked Juneau to contact Feinberg about the Omega claim and I suppose the $5000 donation to Jindal was a small pittance to get a $45 million payday.

It's an interesting snapshot of how the machine works.


Anonymous said...

A $45 million payday and the state pays for your lawyer.

Kevin said...

Keep in mind, the $45 million was NET of attorney fees and case expenses.

How much was paid to Omega's attorneys, and who were Omega's attorneys?

Anonymous said...

No Christmas this year for over one hundred thousand victims affected by the BP oil Spill.

Since the Grinch started processing claims some 30 months ago only 41,944 unique claimants have been paid just under 3 billion dollars. The seafood and VoO have been removed because they are not your traditional class members.

Now Patrick Juneau the author of Policy 495 and the PSC are trying to save his job but can’t claim it’s because of his impressive stats that favor claimants. So why should we care if BP wants him gone. You would think the attorneys representing us that have the fiduciary responsibility to the class should call for his removal.

So lets take a look at the current stats as of 12/31/14

2,334 Eligible with No Payment
42,090 Incomplete
4,805 Excluded Denials
4,798 Causation Denials
11,443 Other Denials
38,567 Incomplete Denials

104,037 Claimants delayed or denied a payment with another 3,166 that gave up on the process and accepted the GCCF offer.

If 2015 produces little to no change in resolving these pending claims. I invite you to stay tuned Jason you will have your victory and sense of accomplishment. That sinking feeling will be filled “Well, in The BIG Easy they say- that Jason’s small heart will Grow Three Sizes that day.”

Jason, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

I encourage everyone to contribute to Jason and his fight to expose the corruption.


Kevin said...


Your comment causes me to ask, once again, "what happened to the efficient and generous claims office that existed in September 2010 when claims were expedited in order to show the court the settlement was fair, adequate and working well?"

The case has now reached that point where the PSC will file their motion for attorneys' fees and costs. No more BP appeals to stand in their way - the SCOTUS gave the PSC their Christmas gift a little early.

Do you have any idea the level of review, scrutiny and fraud detection to which the lawyers' time and expense reports have been subjected (they've been submitting them since December 2010)?

Anonymous said...

After posting the $ 795 MILLION DOLLARS IN CLAIM OFFERS THAT VAPORIZED on Nov 22, 2014 little has changed. These were offers accepted but BP appealed and lost them they were just waiting on the processed payment.

The Appeals Coordinator sent them back to the accountants for new calculations under Policy 495 and what does BP do?

Appeals the new offers!!!!

Today's stats 1/14/15 chart 7 demonstrates little to know appeals resolved with a spike in appeals filed.

Table 5 now has the gap between Accepted offers vs. Pay offers growing again to just under 400 million.

We now have another 158 Businesses receiving Exclusion Denials along with their employees and another 900 Businesses receiving Incomplete Denials.

I guess it’s now safe to say that the only thing this settlement resolved was BP liability. Based on the definition to even refer to calling this a settlement would be FRAUD.

Time to replace the PSC or expand it with qualified litigators. My research on the PSC shows little to no experienced members were included just a group of Monty Hall’s from Let’s Make A Deal that took door number 1 worth $600 million.