Wednesday, February 25, 2015

LSU polishes the turd

I've only browsed the LSU "audit" but of course it's not surprising.  They actually admit he wasn't providing invoices, they can't account for his work....they can't account for anything...but they want us to know that it's all good.  Tell that to the students that were indicted last spring for the exact same crime.

This state is so horribly corrupt that LSUHSC, an institution that has been assaulted by Louisiana republican leadership in the past few years, will not only allow Cassidy to milk them they'll even cover up for him when he gets caught.  We have to be, hands down, the most corrupt, idiotic state in the nation and while by no means is this story the biggest turd in the punchbowl it's certainly the stinkiest and shiniest.

Woohoo.....go us....


Anonymous said...

Un-freakin-believable! Oh, wait, we live in Louisiana. Yet, we are supposed to be moving beyond the bad old days. Guess when the Governor is missing almost half the time, we should not be surprised by this issue with Cassidy. We should, however, not stand for it!

Anonymous said...

Is LSU corrupt? Yes. Here is a story from Inside Higher Ed about falsified credentials of some of its most "highly reputed" profs. Why would they do such things and why would LSU cover it up? Same reason as always: $$$. Specifically federal research grant dollars. Here is the link, and its well worth googling up the original blog postings on this by the Oxford prof.

Anonymous said...

BP statement on restitution for Deepwater Horizon oil spill on MSNBC.
Riddled with misinformation and spin, data supported and taken by today’s stats.

1.More than 87,000 awards really.

12,464 of those awards are located in a separate fund called the Seafood Compensation Program that went to 4,797 unique claimants.

27,235 went to Coastal properties owners for an avg of $3,500 to cover the property taxes for loss of enjoyment.

8,776 Subsistence claims recreational fishermen that had a fishing license but could use it because the gulf waters were closed.

7,031 are VoO non-class members what are considered a True Up because BP screwed them and didn’t honor the original contract.

Now let’s look at the facts found in the Unique Claimants Paid column.

5,570 Individuals paid.
14,373 Business paid.
538 Start ups paid.
28 Failed Business paid.

Total paid claims that require calculations 20,509.

Compared to the denials.

4,283 Over paid by GCCF.
5,046 Exclusion Denials.
4,921 Causation Denials.
13,531 Other Denials.
47,295 Incomplete Denials.

Total denied claims 75,076.