Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DHECC - The sound of silence

In case you're wondering...I know you're wondering....the McGladrey whistleblower has gone quiet. The whistleblower's email address is now defunct.

A familiar silence fell across the land...the myriad creatures scurried in the shadows for crumbs while the rats feasted on the bloated carcass.  


Anonymous said...

Was that a McGladrey work email or a personal one? Looks like they are silencing him for sure. I wonder if they found anything wrong with his complaint or something to justify terminating him. Maybe they are going to accuse him of wrongfully disclosing confidential info to the press. Might he a stretch to say he did anything wrong in disclosing stuff to BP, but maybe they have a problem with him talking to the Louisiana Record about the details of an ongoing audit engagement.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Gmail account....not McGladrey.

It doesn't appear he/she had any friends or support with BP so I'm sure whatever happened wasn't pleasant. I just hope the person is ok.

Anonymous said...

Just a few points (per my attorney’s suggestion) and for the sake of what’s left of my career …

1. Thank you all for your concerns of my well being, I am “ok”

2. As I continued to produce factual evidence regarding the audit (or lack thereof) of the Deepwater Horizon Claims Settlement, it quickly became evident that I needed to hire the best attorneys that money could buy and whom also specialized in Whistleblower Protection Laws

3. As my factual evidence began to mount (giving BP grounds for a huge law suit), McGladrey found grounds to terminate my employment citing “disclosure of confidential information to the press”

4. Upon my attorney’s own research / homework of all persons that where / are involved in the corruption of the Deepwater Claims Settlement, I was advised by my attorneys that if I continued to go public with the overwhelming evidence, nothing could be done to stop the secret “blackballing” of my career in an area such as Washington, DC where everything is political (or viewed as “just business”); my reputation would be RUINED if I decided to go public with the facts. (See story of Christine Reitano)

5. It’s true, Jessica Batt and her husband have indeed "conveniently" relocated to the U.K and was paid a hefty reward to do so … connect the dots to find out who made that happen; There are some very powerful and corrupted folks in Louisiana as my attorneys pointed out!

I have decided to drop the claim of the fraudulent activity that I witnessed firsthand in order to pick up the pieces and move on in hopes that the “mob-ish” ways of Deepwater Horizon and McGladrey will move on as well.

Good Luck to all that continue to seek the truth regarding the Claims Settlement corruption that has taken place; I strongly advise you to tread lightly while going up against the “powers that be” in Louisiana.

True Whistleblower