Friday, March 06, 2015

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Thank you to DLF for the is greatly appreciated.  


Anonymous said...

(The following 12/23/14 "statement" on BP's website will probably be replaced soon with something like: 'Never mind; we're all good.')

"BP’s Statement on its Opening Brief in the Claims Administrator Removal Appeal

BP presented the District Court with extensive, recently uncovered evidence that Mr. Juneau actively advocated against BP’s interests and litigated against BP in this very case as part of his work for the state of Louisiana in 2010 and 2011. That work is a clear and serious conflict of interest – one that Mr. Juneau failed to disclose properly and that disqualifies him from serving as Claims Administrator. Further, Mr. Juneau’s gross mismanagement of the settlement program – which has resulted in poor performance, ethical violations among the program’s leadership, and wasteful administrative costs that have risen to more than $40 million per month – is well documented and separately warrants his removal. The settlement agreement requires the District Court to ensure that the Claims Administrator is impartial and that he administers the settlement trust properly. The Court’s refusal to remove Mr. Juneau should be reversed."

Anonymous said...

Appeal stats class 101 is open.

The Real Number of Appeals Resolved is 385.

Daily stats table 6 p. 4

Line 1. These are appeals assigned to a panelist that are resolved currently 2,032

But wait line 7 had 1,1441 returned for review under policy 495 so the true number is only 591 appeals resolved.

But wait line 12 has 206 that BP filed Discretionary Review so the real number of claims resolved in appeals is 385.

Line 7 Return for Review Under Policy 495 list 1441 these claims as reported on this site equaled $795 million.

Line 12 will list appeals now Under Discretionary Review currently 206 up by 4 in the last two days.

Would someone like to prove me wrong?