Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DHECC - IBM, the Fortune 25 troll, still obsessed with a New Orleans blogger

You'd think they would use an anonymous proxy like the other PI's trolling the site.  But I suppose when you're as big as an IBM, a BP, or a McGladrey....you don't really have to worry about covering your own tracks...everyone else is just a peon to be squashed.

I suppose when you're that powerful you can stalk whoever you want (Page 9):
The IBM CS&P team began the portion of this investigation by acquiring all available information on Jason Brad Berry from the internet including his driver's license, home address, telephone, Facebook, e-mail, known aliases, and affiliated organizations.  Next, IBM CS&P team cross-referenced a series of combinations of the keywords to identify any unauthorized line of communications with Mr. Berry, but was not able to make a connection.
I'm really curious what they mean when they say they acquired all available information from the internet including email.  Does that mean they simply got my email addys from the internet or does that mean they actually "acquired" my email?

I'm also really curious how much Pat Juneau paid them to conduct this "investigation" and how much he's still paying them as they are obviously still trolling me over a year later.

It's funny, they could have saved a shitload of BP's money simply by reading the goddamn original post. I disclosed exactly how I obtained the emails from the beginning.

But then recklessly spending the money from the settlement to enrich Fortune 500 companies while the people of the Gulf get screwed over seems to be the game plan so this "investigation" just gave Juneau another excuse to pay off more business suits.  

Never mind the content of the post which proved that the PSC lawyers had expedited their own clients' claims, they simply wanted to go after the guy that exposed what they were up to.  This is the MO for Juneau's transparent claim process.

I suppose I should be flattered, huh?   Yeah, well, I'm not so much.


Anonymous said...

Big corporations own this world and most people in it. They are just frustrated that you will not fall into line like most do. BP has had me followed, taken pictures of me, my house and family, and sent actors/investigators to me posing as innocent civilians. Sounds paranoid I know, but we had a Judge force them to turn it over in the BP Texas City explosion case. Never back down or give up, they can be beaten!

Anonymous said...

Key words: "we had a judge".
We don't have a judge in this case, we have another pig at the trough.

Anonymous said...

“ Ring the bells and blow the horns.”

The claim center is approaching several new landmarks 59,657 Unique Claimants paid.

Coastal Claims and Subsistence totals now equal 28,231 of these claimants.

And the Incomplete and Incomplete Denials hit a new high at 93,523.

Policy 495’s impact and request for additional documents is doing its job on causation and incomplete notices.

And then we have the victims the people the business owners and families that were included in this settlement that didn’t settle anything 87,865 to date break down as follows.

4,506 Eligible with No Payment
7,703 GCCF Denials
4,959 Exclusion Denials
5,159 Causation Denials.
14,701 Other Denials
49,837 Incomplete Denials

87,865 Denials or confirmed kills convinced the settlement was designed by the PSC to compensate them.

And just for fun BP Appealed another 122 claims since April 1,2015 and we still have 480 appeals pending.


Anonymous said...

And for those lucky few that do get paid, they can look forward to bankruptcy when Freeh and Juneau come knocking with a BS claw back and they are forced to pay back money they already spent.

Anonymous said...

Just a little taste of 495

We cannot evaluate your claim in the way the Settlement Agreement requires us to do unless you submit these documents.

The claim remains incomplete due to the following:
1) Please provide an explanation for the negative revenue recorded in February 2010 to the line item
"Cash Accounts"

2) We are have noted that the Claimant provided multiple P&L statements and additional P&L statements in the uploaded breakouts/schedules. Further, we have
noted several inconsistencies in these P&L statements. Please provide the correct P&L statements for 2007-
2012 and an explanation for the differences in the provided P&L statements.

3) We noted that the Claimant provided an explanation for the negative COGS charges in Doc ID:xxxxxxxx. Please provide further clarification as to the nature of
these negative charges.

4) Please provide an explanation for the nature of the account Store Income, and how revenue from
this account is recorded.

5) Please provide a tax to book gross receipts and net income reconciliation for all years.

6) Please help us obtain a better understanding of the claimant's business operations and projects. In terms of the claimant's services, is the claimant generally involved in short term engagements (i.e. less than 30 days) where the claimant invoices and receives payment
shortly thereafter?

7) Please help us understand the claimant's business operations and procedures regarding revenue. For
example, there are several months between 2007 - 2010 when the claimant records increased monthly income in comparison to annual amounts (i.e. March 2007, April
2007, February 2009, January 2011, February 2011) and other months when the claimant reports minimal income
(i.e. June 2008, October 2008, November 2008, August 2009, November 2009, December 2010, Please provide
an explanation regarding the fluctuations in income. The dates when each monthly profit and loss statement was first created. If profit and loss statements are
created and kept in the normal course of business, provide the creation dates of those profit and loss statements, or re-submit the profit and loss statements
and include a specific creation date. If profit and loss statements are created and not kept or are not created in the normal course of business, provide a description
of the accounting process of the business. This description must include the frequency and method for
tracking and entering transactions in accounting software and the frequency of book closing, including
timing of adjusting entries and timing of profit and loss statement generation. Additionally, the description must include the timing of normal profit and loss statement creation (such as the day of the specific month on which the statements are created). If profit
and loss statements were created for the purpose of filing a claim, provide the date on which they were
created and a description of the contemporaneous source documents used to create them.