Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DHECC - McGladrey: dishonor among thieves

This comment came in on a past post regarding the McGladrey whistleblower:

Posted by Anonymous to  American Zombie at April 21, 2015 at 7:15:00 AM CDT

1. Thank you all for your concerns of my well being, I am “ok”

2. As I continued to produce factual evidence regarding the audit (or lack thereof) of the Deepwater Horizon Claims Settlement, it quickly became evident that I needed to hire the best attorneys that money could buy and whom also specialized in Whistleblower Protection Laws

3. As my factual evidence began to mount (giving BP grounds for a huge law suit), McGladrey found grounds to terminate my employment citing “disclosure of confidential information to the press”

4. Upon my attorney’s own research / homework of all persons that where / are involved in the corruption of the Deepwater Claims Settlement, I was advised by my attorneys that if I continued to go public with the overwhelming evidence, nothing could be done to stop the secret “blackballing” of my career in an area such as Washington, DC where everything is political (or viewed as “just business”); my reputation would be RUINED if I decided to go public with the facts. (See story of Christine Reitano)

5. It’s true, Jessica Batt and her husband have indeed "conveniently" relocated to the U.K and was paid a hefty reward to do so … connect the dots to find out who made that happen; There are some very powerful and corrupted folks in Louisiana as my attorneys pointed out!

I have decided to drop the claim of the fraudulent activity that I witnessed firsthand in order to pick up the pieces and move on in hopes that the “mob-ish” ways of Deepwater Horizon and McGladrey will move on as well.

Good Luck to all that continue to seek the truth regarding the Claims Settlement corruption that has taken place; I strongly advise you to tread lightly while going up against the “powers that be” in Louisiana.

True Whistleblower 

Most importantly, I'm glad to hear the person is physically ok.  I shudder to think what may have happened if he/she would have simply threatened to go to the press.

So much for the McGladey "code of honor", eh?  It needs to be rewritten to say "if you find any corruption going on in our company, and actually have the misplaced sense of integrity to report it, we will fucking destroy your life."

To the whistleblower...you only live one life, you either live in truth or you live a lie.  Most people live lies, including the bulk of the people you worked with at McGladrey on this audit and the client, Pat Juneau, who has mastered that dark art.  Do these people still have their jobs?  Yes.  Are they part of a larger problem in this country?  Yes.  Do you still have your job? No.  Are you part of the problem?  Fuck no.  

It may be small consolation but know that thousands of people along the Gulf Coast appreciate your honesty, integrity and bravery even if they may never know your name.  You are the one in a million...14 million...that makes the world more just.  Thank you for this.  I hope you start your own firm and take all of McGladrey's clients.

And as far as treading lightly here in Louisiana...this is my home...I don't live in fear...that's how the bastards drag you down.  

Blogging from phone so sorry for any major mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Judge Barbier ordered an investigation into the whistle blower's allegations?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Because it would be a threat to himself as well as his buds Jneau and the PSC.

Jason Brad Berry said...

But forget Barbier, at this point the FBI needs to launch an investigation. This is fucking RICO. The judge himself needs to be deposed to find out if he was aware of the audit and what Juneau did.

Jason Brad Berry said...

No doubt this is why Jessica Batt was shuffled out of the country....so she couldn't be deposed.

Anonymous said...

How can the FBI get involved? Their x director negotiated the cover-up.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah apparently he's been negotiating a lot we didn't know about:


Jason Brad Berry said...

And let's not forget that Batbier was the one that ordered the Faux-Freeh investigation to begin with. So now we have a faux-corruption investigation and a faux-audit.

It's all faux-true

Jason Brad Berry said...

I just came up with the title for the book!

Jason Brad Berry said...

I just need a book deal :)

Anonymous said...

Faux Real. I think your time is coming.

Anonymous said...

Why the federal court system in Louisiana should be investigated.

More people need to wrap their heads around this system that states they are working for victims when in reality they are mitigating losses for corporations.

The MDL in this BP case has thrown out any appearance of legitimacy, and currently pumping dollars into the bank accounts of the elite and politically well connected PSC members, Claims Administrator and Court Vendors.

The current numbers on the settlement are 59,280 Unique Claimants paid of them 49% or 28,016 received less than $3,500.00 for owning a condo or a fishing license.

Compared to 86,494 Claimants Denied and yet the PSC and the Claims Administrator claims a victory.

We must understand how dangerous it is for the rest of us when it comes to the rule of law, when there is a powerful group of individuals who have access and continually get appointed to these MDL panels.

But what we have today is a group of people who know before they act, they know in advance, that no matter what they do, no matter how morally repulsive or how heinous their behavior is, they will never be held accountable.

If someone in the system of corruption has been bought off, and is willing to destroy a person for the right amount of money. Then pays a hit men and they also are the people who control the “justice” system, the hit man can be guaranteed to never be held accountable.

I just wonder what the named plaintiffs in this case think about having their names concreted in history as the worst settlement known to man.


Jason Brad Berry said...

Well spoken.

Anonymous said...

To our named Plaintiffs of MDL-2179

So tell us is the settlement working just as the PSC explained it to you?

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Anonymous said...

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