Monday, August 10, 2015

New Orleans Neigborhoods - Neighbors for Neighborhoods August 7th Meeting/Presentation

As a courtesy to everyone interested, I am posting the entire presentation "Get it right, New Orleans!" by French Quarter resident and member of "Neighbors for Neighborhoods", Rob White, that went down at the New Orleans Council for Aging last week.

I am working on a short to medium documentary on the subject of short-term rentals and how they are affecting New Orleans.  I am posting this unedited version of the meeting not as an advocate....please read that very carefully before you post any flaming comments directed at me....but merely as a public service.  There were many people who couldn't get in to the meeting due to the maximum occupancy in the room per the fire code.  This will allow those people who were interested but couldn't get in a chance to watch it.

This is a highly charged issue as was apparent at the meeting that night.  My goal with the documentary is to speak with anyone who wants to speak with me about it (on camera) to try and get a panoptic, accurate, view of the short-term rental phenomenon and how it is affecting New Orleans in specific.  Feel free to contact me at if you would like to participate or have suggestions on folks with whom I should speak to and/or interview.

New Orleans Neighborhoods - "Neighbors for Neighborhoods" - August 7th presentation from Jason Berry on Vimeo.

Please note that this video is under a Creative Commons license, it may not be downloaded, edited or re-distributed for commercial purposes in any way without my consent.  If you have any doubt as to how it can be used please contact me, Jason Brad Berry,

Please be respectful of my time and energy as I'm doing this work on no budget.  Gracias amigos/amigas.

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