Tuesday, March 08, 2016

PSA - Help Billy Nungesser retire his debt(s)

If anyone has 5k sitting around, that race for Lt. Gov. must have cost a fortune.  Billy Nungesser needs your cash:

Dear Friend:
On Wednesday evening, March 30th we will be hosting a special campaign debt retirement event for newly elected Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser. The event will take place in Uptown New Orleans from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
We would like to cordially invite you to become a co-host for this important event as we seek to honor Billy and help retire the debt incurred in his successful campaign for the state's second highest elected post.
As a Gold Committee Host we would ask that you commit to a contribution of $5000 (corporate or personal funds). As a Silver Committee Host a commitment of $2500 (corporate or personal) is requested. If you have already supported Billy but have not given the maximum contribution, you may use this event to reach your campaign maximum level and still qualify as a host.
Billy's leadership in the state's tourism and hospitality, arts and culture and commercial seafood industries makes him critically important to our state's economic and cultural vitality.
Please respond via return email or by telephone at 504-524-3342 by Wednesday, March 9th to ensure that you are included in our event invitation.
On behalf of Billy and his wife Cher, we thank you in advance for your participation and support.

Virginia C. Miller
Donald "Boysie" Bollinger
Greg J. Beuerman 
Gary Solomon
David Kerstein

As soon as this event is over and successful, I'd like to host another party for Lt. Governor Nungesser to help retire the debt he left on Canal Street back in the 90's.  

The sheer cost of replacing sheets was a budget killer for JM, I would love to host a fundraiser to help her recoup the "debt" Billy left...behind...  

Let me know if anyone has any ideas on a party theme.  I know I have a couple.

BTW, Billy is currently lobbying New Orleans City Council members to vote against Councilperson Susan Guidry's proposed changes to lessen criminal charges against marijuana possession.  Seems like he should be busy working on the duties of the Lt. Governor's office he stated in his solicitation above....Louisiana tourism and hospitality....instead of sticking his nose in city matters.

Having some knowledge of the Lt. Governor's past, I have a hard time believing he has a personal vendetta against marijuana users but...hey...politics is a fickle bitch.


Anonymous said...

Tell him to lay off the Dairy Queen and Double Whoppers and pay his debts himself...

Its a good thing that the position he was "elected" to is utterly worthless, just like him.

Kevin said...

Since Caroline Fayard ran for the office of Lt. Governor back in 2010, this "Lt. Governor" story seems like the best "related subject" to ask a couple of questions to Miss Fayard:

Caroline, you have been quoted as saying your efforts in negotiating BP settlements that have paid $8 Billion dollars to victims, so far, qualifies you to be a United States Senator because it was contentious and similar to being at odds with other members of congress and the senate.

When the horrible BP incident occurred in April 2010, you had been an attorney for less than 3 years. Also at that time, you were gearing up for your run for LT. Governor, which run lasted until the election in November 2010. So, running for political office didn't give you much time to practice law in your 4th year with a license.

The settlement terms and conditions with BP were being presented to the court as early as February and March 2012, which means you were practicing law less than 5 years at that time (much less if you take into account your 2010 political excursion).

As an attorney practicing law for less than 5 years, what "negotiations" in the BP settlement did you actually perform?

When you refer to negotiating settlements, do you actually mean settlements for the Fayard firm private clients? How difficult was it to negotiate private settlements from a settlement that already existed and had a formula for determining who was paid and how much?

Voters want and deserve to know the truth about your qualifications. Please give us some details.

Charles River said...

"Replacing sheets"?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Many times when Billy frequented the Canal Street Brothel, Jeanette Maier was forced to throw the sheets away in his room.

Why? Use your imagination.

Bruthasback said...

Maybe Newell normand knows