Thursday, July 13, 2017

4 points for Senator John Kennedy on how to "fix" the crime problem in New Orleans

1.  Stop bleeding the money generated by the City of New Orleans out to the State of Louisiana coffers.

Just start with the Convention Center.

Then move on and ask the "state" to pay for the City streets they've hijacked.

Just close the tax base within the Parish instead of bleeding it out to all you fuckers off the Island.

Surely the former Treasurer of Louisiana knows the numbers?

Without New Orleans, Louisiana is just Mississippi without a coast

How much could be "re-allocated" to bolstering our municipal police force and first responders?

How many bullshit tourism taxes?  How many Oil and Gas taxes?  Fucking sales tax...could go back in to the City?

Can Kennedy lobby to allocate "Federal Money" to help the problem?   I mean that's his fucking it not?

If the Senator isn't doing any of these things and yelling at us for not doing enough....

....where does the problem lie?

2.  Stop trying to fight the Affordable Health Care Act and start figuring out how to expand it.

When our former ideologue Governor was running the show, he systematically gutted our public health care system.  Including the only safety net we had to deal with people who need mental health care.

Do you think there may be a corollary between our crime rate and the lack of treatment for mental health patients in the City?

It's not all that vexing.

3.  Senator Kennedy is the problem.

Right after Brown V. Board of Education was decided, over 60 private schools popped up in this City alone.  The Senator, and his ilk, all fled like cockroaches....Palmettos (they have wings) the suburbs of Jefferson and St. Tammany Parishes.

Mind you, this exodus of business owners didn't divulge their highly lucrative assets within Orleans Parish....they simply learned to manage them from afar...Metairie, Kennah and Tammany. no Orleans taxes yet reap the financial windfall.

The Senator's very history explains why New Orleans faces the problems it currently faces.

4.  Finally,
"Stop-and frisk is not racial profiling as some say.  "Reasonable suspicion" is a legal, objective standard taught every day in police academies.  Besides, The New Orleans Police Department is on of the most diverse police forces in the country, and I don't believe every NOPD cop is a racist.  The politicians should let the NOPD do it's job."
....says the State of Louisiana's quintessential politician....fucking Senator of the United States.....politician.'s the final way United States Senator John Kennedy can help the crime problem in New Orleans:

If he can't come through on 1 through 3.....just shut the fuck up.

That's really the best way he could help us.

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