Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a masterpiece

I think Spike Lee has touched his muse. "When The Levees Broke" is an opus. I had a predilection against it, I must admit. I've never been a fan of Lee's films, so I didn't expect much out of this film.

Damn....was I suprised.

This film is good, good, good, good, good.

Kudos to Spike, and a great big thank you.



Judy Thorne said...

I agree.

Despite all of the "reviews" I'd read before I saw the movie, I saw it as a balanced, well done documentary of what happened. Sad but true, Katrina affected a hell of a lot more of the poorer than it did the affluent.

Anonymous said...

i too thought it was a great film, and it made me long for the good ol' days of second lines and crawfish boils and hanging out by the river. my only complaint was that he let nagin off way too easy. why not take him to task on the botched evacuation? why not ask him what the REAL hold-up is with the recovery?