Thursday, August 24, 2006

On second thought....maybe Ray should crawl back in his hole

I begged him to do something, anything. Of course I didn't realize he would shoot off his stupid frikkin' mouth and insult perhaps the only city who has shown solidarity with us.

New York...I apologize, please ignore our dumbass mayor.

This is pathological. This man cannot accept responsibility. He has no sense of it. I was leary of this last winter, when he made the comment more than once, "I didn't sign on for this." You don't accept responsbility as the mayor of a city and say "I didn't sign on for this."

Then quit you frikkin' pussy! (you may chastize me for exclamation point there, Adrostos, but I really meant that one)

I give you a story I heard from Clancy DuBos.

A day after the levees broke, Lt. Gov. Landrieu made his way downtown after realizing there was a complete failure of communications within the city. He went to the Hilton where he found Nagin sitting on the floor by himself typing on a laptop. He asked Nagin what he needed and what he could do for him. Nagin nonchalantly replied "We have it under control, we're just trying to establish a command center." Landrieu replied, "You are the command center...the command center is right here." Nagin ignored him. Landrieu then went on to pull people out of the water for the next several days.

Recall this idiot now before he cuts off what's left of the life support this city is running on.


G Bitch said...

Recall, recall! I'm with you on that one. What do we do? How do we start?

Judy Thorne said...

I'm all for it. Unfortunately, I don't live in New Orleans.

He's dangerous for the city's recovery and needs to be put away....FAR away