Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Spidey Sense is Tingling

"See-Ray-Rape-Nawlins" launches a real estate company with developer David White (owner of McDonalds' franchise, Table One on Magazine, and appointed to the BNOB committee by Nagin) 2005 pre-K. Here, we have a Mayor who is in the real estate business in the city he's governing...conflict of interest? One would think.

Keep your eyes on this, I know I will.

Also, by all means keep your eyes on Ray's stance on the French Quarter hotel moratorium...I don't have anything solid on this yet....just speculation.

More to come.

Oh by the way...I was just reading YRHT's rant against that dead pelican schmuck .....David White was Nagin's campaign treasurer. Hmmmm.....according to Oyster, Nagin finished the campaign well in the black. One wonders...


G Bitch said...

This might explain why The Bald Wonder-Where-His-Ass-Is thinks everything is hunky-dory (pun intended but not malice).

jeffrey said...

Is this something else the folks at the T-P have deigned unnewsworthy? Because if there were a Morial involved it would be front page fodder like yesterday.

Mark Folse said...

Well, we don't know what they're up to. But I don't think No-C-Em should be involved in any business doing business in NOLA right now.

Maybe he's planning on quitting. Wish he'd made his mind up on that one earlier.

Jason Brad Berry said...

G-bitch....I love you, where have you been all my blogging life?

Jeff, I still have much faith in the TP and it's journalists. I was just in LA and happened to pick up a copy of the LA Times during Katrina Anniversary. My God what a horrible excuse for a newspaper...I had heard it was bad but I had no idea how bad. Let's be patient with TP and keep your eyes peeled, I think they will build their case slowly but accurately. As bloggers, we can publish quickly and aren't held as close to the fire as they are. I think there may be some reluctance to expose Ray's incompetence completely as it may send a bad message to the rest of the country, but I really don't know why they have been so patient with him. I have faith in them though as there are so many talented writers and reporters on their staff...Gordon Russell wows me quite often.

Mark...he has many businesses going on right now. Many strange and mysterious Black Cat Productions. I think it's a video production company. No one I've talked to can figure out what this company has done. It's office location is listed on the West Bank....very close to one of David White's McDonalds...and coincidentally, very close to a Porno Production company called Hi-Rise entertainment. I'm not insinuating anything there....but this Black Cat is rather curious. :)

jeffrey said...

Also... didn't Hicham Khodr just buy the Camelia grill?

Jason Brad Berry said...


I heard that too...Emeril was involved somehow.

Anonymous said...

Do you find this odd?

Jason Brad Berry said...


it's interesting, but I don't really smell anything rotten in Denmark. If you know something about it that's not listed, then by all tell.


Anonymous said...

Ok maybe all it is is tacky.

I do not like the way they use the City Website to promote it, but then again no one asked me.

Schroeder said...

I remember seeing on the City Council Web site -- somewhere between 1998 and 2001 -- (as I recall) that Morial was seeking a waiver to be allowed as an investor in a real estate company to develop areas near the St. Thomas project (in the process of being demolished). This was before the City Council recognized that actually letting citizens in on proceedings might reflect poorly on them. They have since stopped posting proceedings shortly after I sent email requests for the ultimate decision on Morial's request. I never heard back from anyone. Needless to say, the fact that Morial was, at the same time, promoting the demolition of St. Thomas (a matter about which I remain conflicted), is at best unethical -- or (I'm no attorney), illegal.

I suspect that real estate has always been one of the areas where unscrupulous mayors exploit their position for personal profit.

Good work Dambala!