Tuesday, October 24, 2006

ooooo....scary, scary, voodoo

New Orleans Slate has a great post and insight into the recent brutal murder of Addie Hall and some of idiot America's responses to it.

I was actually going to avoid commenting on it, but I feel somewhat obliged being a child of Dambala and a zombie and such.

So here's the quaint post about it...the macarbe venture into the depths of human depravity is forthcoming.

Blaming Miriam for this man's act is antithetical to the nature of the religion and her role in it. If Voudon had anything to do with Zack Brown's descent into madness...it would be a mounting (possession) of his own invitation. As with any mythology, if you don't invite it into your life or believe in it...it cannot affect you.

Our psychoses are always self-imposed....Christian guilt and fear included.

Perhaps Egungun crept into Brown's world...but the only way he crept into his mind is if he allowed it.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Dambala.

I wrote a comment (rather long probably) about your Ogun piece. After spending nearly ten yrs on reservations in the Southwest, I totally understand the oral tradition and variations of story. BTW, voudon bears a lot of resemblance to the Native American religions of just about any part of the US.

Have been busy studying Ayezan lately. Would be grateful if you could email me a couple book titles that might help. I see a lot of similarities between her and a Pueblo/Navajo deity. Couldn't find your email address or would have sent this that way.

Anonymous said...

Where's Meffert? Has Nagin effectively sweeped the yacht ethics and arm-twisting of Bible under the carpet? That's not right. We desire more news Mr. Zombie.

Anonymous said...

missing your posts cuz. hope you are well.

8th ward rick.