Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Imagine v4.0

Thanks to a sleuthy AZ reader, I was just notified that former Imagine employee, Scott Domke has just incorporated a new business under the title:

Intelliport, LLC, 1515 Poydras Street, Suite 2060, NOLA, 70112

Will the city contracts flow? Will Meffert get an executive position within the company? Will Intelliport be sub-contracted by NetMethods, or vica-versa? Will Intelliport send Nagin to Hawaii on an all-expense paid vacation this Christmas? Will Intelliport buy a yacht or a piroque? How many strippers can you fit in a piroque?

Stay tuned....the snakes are on the move...sssssssssssssss

Update: I just realized...they were actually stupid enough to list the company address @ 1515 Poydras...what's significant about that?


- 1515 POYDRAS ST. - This is the same building where a huge chunk of administrative offices for the Mayor are located...including Economic Development and Music, Arts, and Film, and I would suspect our old buddy Ernest Collin's newly appointed office, Director of Tourism.

This is obviously a company created with contract in hand...was that contract(S) put out for RFP? And if so what was the selection process?


Anonymous said...

god bless you sir.

Roux said...


Anonymous said...

Time to send Oliver Thomas, Shelley Midura and Stacey Head a copy of this certificate so they can keep an eye out. I have been emailing the 3 of them over the past few months and they seem very responsive to email concerns, so if you are all reading this post, please take the time to write at least the 3 of them and give them the heads-up on this so that they are aware. It may save the Inspector General some inspecting time if we help to get our city council leaders 'in the know' in case they haven't had time to keep up with our fearless leader AZ or in case they don't have time to read contracts and put the fact together like AZ and his cohorts do. Keep up the great work. If we keep trying, someday, someone will listen and this will all get us a better city to do business and live in. Public outcry must be there, so go write those 3 and Arnie and whoever else. They need to hear from all of us.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Anon 1 - Thanks for the blessing, but I'm my own God, I don't need another one's blessing :)

Roux - I'm counting NetMethods as 2.0 so actually I should have called it 3.0...i added an incarnation in there somewhere.

Anon 2 - Good to hear they're receptive...will they act? I doubt whatever contract Intelliport gets will even come before them, though.

To a large extent..I realize I'm pissing in the wind with these posts. But I've become addicted to it..so I continue. I just don't actually expect anyone within city government to a damn thing about it. I still can't believe no one (especially the TP) has called out AFO investements...that's just egregious.

But I appreciate your efforts...I hope you get them to listen. And hey...tell Oliver "OT in OT, baby!!!" if dollar bill get's indicted...Ollie needs to make a run for Washington!!

Anonymous said...

you can fit 4 strippers a one small ice chest.