Thursday, January 18, 2007

A casting call...

My recent foray into visual, citizen journalism has somewhat inspired me...and believe me, inspiration is an anomaly to the walking dead.

Being true to my nature, I've decided to tell a horror story...I thought about making a gory, brain-eating, zombie flick, but that story has already been told.

So I decided to focus on Vampires...ruthless, cunning, bloodsucking creatures who feed off the living. They are afraid of solar energy, as it will inevitably destroy them. They hold a mysterious, hypnotic power which forces people to bend to their will. Some people, are even inclined to feel sorry for them.

But not me, I'm a creature of the night as well. I can see them for what they are, as I have the corporeal form of a digital video camera.

"ENTERGY....the true Vampires of New Orleans" has already begun production. If you have an Entergy horror story you would like to tell the Zombie or know someone who does, please contact me on the comment section or at my email address. But be will be expected to appear on camera and tell your story...if you haven't the my time. The angrier you are, the better.

As my fellow Orisha and futre contributor to AZ, Oludamare, recently commented...."The Zombie has claws." Indeed...indeed.

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Joseph Warren Gerrity said...

I randomly found this through googling "entergy horror".

3 months ago Entergy showed up on a sunday morning to dig a huge hole in my yard. While digging the hole they managed to destroy my sewage line. Instead of fixing the problem or contacting the sewage and water board they just left. I expected the problem to be fixed immediately since sewage was literally just leaking into a big hole, but instead nobody showed up for a week. I called entergy and sewage and water board daily for about 2 months before they came and fixed the problem, ruining my driveway and sidewalk in the process. Now I am left with a huge rock pit in the front of my 350 thousand dollar house.

While ruining my ruining they also decided to put a gas meter in directy in front of the access hatch to the underside of my house. Since I am selling the house I needed to get a termite inspection done. Unfortunately since Entergy wants to ruin my life they have decided not to come out ever and instead to just transfer my to 6 different powerless people. It's now been 2 weeks and 4 hours on the phone just to get them to move the meter 2 feet over.

Why does entergy sponsor the Hornets? They are the only power provider so I can only deduce that they are doing it so their incompetent executives can sit courtside or in a box.

I have never dealt with such a horrible company in my entire life. This is why there needs to be competition in the energy industry.