Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The front runner for biggest Asshole of 2007

John Derbyshire...NRO Columnist...wrote this:

Big Easy

The couple also ran a feed-the-homeless enterprise named Food Not Bombs. You get the picture. These were not Republican voters.

What happened to this young couple was unspeakably horrible, and there is of course no excusing such barbarism. It is hard, though, not to shake your head at the couple’s unworldly naivety. What kind of people did they think they were going to encounter when they got down and dirty with “the community”? The Times-Picayune story quoted a neighbor of the couple saying this: “They would never do it, but they should have answered the door with a gun.” Hard to disagree with that — either part of it.

What an ass. What a royal ass.

I don't even know how to respond to that.

UPDATE: The peckerwood has published a response to what I suspect was a barrage of angry readers.

Battle of New Orleans

What a dicksmack. I read some of his archived articles....he's a horrible writer. It's mostly pretentious hyperbole.

though I thought I'd made it clear that my impressions were very fleeting ones, not to be taken too seriously.

Bro...nothing you've written should be taken seriously. How do buffoons like this get published?

Slightly more readers agreed with my impressions.

I doubt that....I seriously doubt that. But we'll never know that as National Review doesn't publish the reader's comments.


bayoustjohndavid said...

I can't come up with the words for my reaction to the really assholic part. The words probably don't exist.

But look at some of the other things. He spends two days here in early January, and he's expert on Mardi Gras.

He spends two days in the French Quarter and doesn't see a bookstore. I guess if it doesn't say Barnes & Noble he doesn't recognize it.

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah...i noticed that. We have some of the coolest used bookstores on the planet in the quarter. This guy was pissed off because he couldn't find a Barnes and Noble, Applebee's, and a CVS.....I'm sure he had a horrible time.

If he comes back....I want to show him what "getting dirty" with the community really in rolling him, and dumping his ass in a gutter.

Anonymous said...

I tried emailing him, and it said "check back soon".

My response, oddly enough, was exactly the three word phrase that Slate used.

Dambala, if he comes back, lets you and I Danzinger his ass.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I like the way David used "assholic". It's hard to imagine somebody writing something like that without realizing how idiotic they seem. The bookstore thing jumped out at me too.

Thanks, Ashe, for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Send this to Andrew Sullivan toute suite! Sullivan, a conservative who, unlike Derbyshire, is actually worth reading, has established a Derbyshire Award in honor of this asshat. What delicious irony for the creep to win his own booby prize!

Oh, did anyone notice this gem: "I think this is the blackest American city I have ever been in"?! Wonder what size white hood and sheet he takes? I might send him fresh ones for his daughter's birthday. Maybe he should have gone across the lake to hang out with his idol David Dukkke instead.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure that many who read the National Review agree with him. They already have ready-made, pre-fab notions that aren't going to budge.

I found you guys when I got down and dirty with the community. Should've answered my door with a gun, huh? *smile*

As for Andrew LogCabin ... I mean Sullivan, oh, I'm so over him.