Monday, January 01, 2007

MeeMaw looks for some divine inspiration; Louisiana re-BUBBA-cans respond..."Hey...democrats can't consult with our God!!"

What is it with Yaweh...he's jonesing for headlines in 2007.

The TP has an article quoting Gov. Blanco as receiving revelations from God which tell her "Get up, Kathleen, and go to work because there's a lot of work to be done."

That's interesting...although it would seem like God would have a full plate, also. Why is he/she wasting his/her time being Blanco's personal alarm clock? Aren't there bigger fish to fry?

Emily Metzgar takes issue with the state Democratic party who sent out a press release ridiculing Bobby Jindal for announcing that he prayed for guidance in his decision to run for governor, then asks why they aren't taking Kathleen to task for this comment. She says the party "better come to a decision" on wether or not they are going to embrace or ridicule people who speak publicly about their faith.

Why must they come to a decsion on this matter? Because Emily demands it, dammit! By mandate of democrats must admit that you're all abominations to the lord and you drink pig's blood!

"Whose Side is God on?" I've got a better question....why does an omnipotent, omniscient being need to choose sides? Although I'm sure he'll choose your side, Emily, 'cause you're just right as rain...and everyone knows Jesus is a Republican...he just hates poor people.

If forced to answer Metzgar's dictate, I hope the Dems opt for ridicule...aren't Christians supposed to be ridiculed and persecuted? Isn't that part of their whole self-image? When you're taught to view the world as a dichotomy, someone has to be on the "other" side right? Good vs.'ve got to put someone on the evil side or the whole Christian formula breaks down.

I'm sure in Emily's mind those snarky democrats are the blasphemers for "making a mockery of religious faith". Personally, I think pointing out the stupidity of mixing theocracy with politics and government should be a non-paritsan effort...anyone invoking supernatural influence to guide them in political decisions should be taken to task.

Unless of course it's Voodoo....then I would find it absolutely acceptable :).

Besides, there's so much to ridicule in back in 2001 when Baton Rouge State Rep. Sharon Broome, a democrat, tried to ban evolution from being taught in public schools because she claimed Darwin and his ideologies were racist. She deserves all the zingers a rational mind can zing out.

As does Blanco if she's hearing voices in the morning telling her to go to work. If God tells her to go to work in the morning, does she look for the boogeyman under her bed before she goes to sleep at night?

Oh...and BTW, MeeMaw....are you praying to the same God that sent Renee Gill Pratt the Dodge Durango? Cause I'm not sure that was God, Renee got God mixed up with Dollar Bill....maybe you should pray to him too as he can apparently perform miracles at the polls and I think you're gonna need that. So from now on, just wake up and call BJ every morning...I think he can do a lot more for you than God.


Anonymous said...

great. now he tells her to get to work. where was he right after Aug 29, 2006? a few words of almighty advice at that time may have helped kathleen not look like a clueless, confused, "deer-in-the-headlights" governor who had no idea what to do.

i'm curious if that was really god speaking to her though. maybe someone should ask her if he sounded anything like elvis.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Or better yet, why isn't God waking up C. Ray every morning, or the Army Corps of Engineers, or all the Road Home employees, or the guy who fixes the streetlights, etc......God's got some really fucked up priorities if he's hanging out with MeeMaw every morning.

I know it wasn't the Big E....he wouldn't stand for this incompotence. He'd be Takin' Care O' Business in Flash, baby. He'd flash his Nixon badge around and sick the Memphis mafia on the case.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Everyone would have a new house with an extra wing for a Jungle Room!!