Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If it wasn't for that meddling Zombie....

Thanks to some sleuthing by a fellow blogger ( didn't know if I could you mention you), we've uncovered some more dirty on the Municipal Yacht Harbor Corporation story.

Apparantly the chairman of the MYHC's board, Lynn Cawthorne, is about to step down...and our old buddy Meffert had his sights set on stepping in. He doesn't "own" a yacht per se....but he knows how to charge people to throw parties on yachts even if the boat isn't his. So I guess he does in fact have some credentials for the position.

However, what is know is that a rather large sum of money was deposited in the MYHC's account, reportedly from city funds. No one knows how it got there, no one knows who authorized it. Now someone has withdrawn "hundreds of thousands" of dollars from the account.

Who is that someone? Where did the money go? How could the money have been withdrawn if the MYHC Board didn't approve it?

The good news is Councilperson Midura is reportedly aware of the matter and is looking into it. One interesting thing I've discovered over the course of the past week, is that we may finally have at least two Councilmembers who are doing their jobs. Both Midura and Stacy Head appear to be busting balls and taking names. That's very encouraging.

Stay tuned for Chapter 3 as we try to solve the mystery of "The Sunken Cash"....or should it be cache? Maybe booty. Somebody help me out here, that sounds like a Scooby-Doo episode.


Anonymous said...

i'm betting that municipal yacht harbor is haunted.

Anonymous said...

... by Meffert wearing cheesecloth and a mask.

Can I get my Scoobie snack now?

Anonymous said...

Isn't having a computer guy run a boat facility kinda like having a horse dealer run emergency response?

Anonymous said...


Jason Brad Berry said...


that's hilarious.

multiple scooby snacks for you u. :)

great post on the Frontline series....read it thrice.


Jason Brad Berry said...


yeah, I think he would've been in contention for a top post with Bush's admin. He has all the qualities.

Anonymous said...

anonymous: Actually, Meffert was a boat guy running a computer facility, which is like having a horse dealer running emergency response for the leading nation of the "free" world.

Dambala: Are they magic Scooby snacks? And, thanks for reading the post. Too bad no one commented on it. Guess there's too much else going on in the world today to discuss concept vs. context and other assorted abstractions.