Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Whooaaa....stop the press folks.... we may have dug up a winner

a hint....from the TP, Feb. 18:

NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS: Looking for some new marble countertops for the bathroom? The mayor just might have a deal for you.

State records list Nagin and his two sons, Jeremy and Jarin, as the investors in Stone Age Granite & Marble. An employee said Friday by phone that the store relocated several months ago to its new Earhart Boulevard address from another location.

Stone Age LLC was incorporated in January 2005, but the degree to which the mayor and his sons are involved in the enterprise is a mystery.

Asked for comment on the venture, Nagin replied by e-mail Friday that the questions were "out of bounds."

He said he would have no comment "on my personal investments that are totally outside of any city responsibilities."

That last line.....the question is where his personal investments and city responsibilities collide.

I'm trying to verify some things before I post....stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

The truck for that company is always double parked at the lower pontalba building near the entrance to C Ray's flat here. It's a royal pain in the keister.

bayoustjohndavid said...

Is there some kind of rumor floating around about the mayor's sons and a call phone? I just heard something weird, but couldn't find any confirmation.

Jason Brad Berry said...

a call phone? what is a call phone?

bayoustjohndavid said...

meant to type cell phone. some weird rumor about what one or both sons being frequently called by somebody.

LAW70 said...

This is so interesting...I posted a comment about this very thing a while back and could not really comment with details, but when "we" questioned him about this, "we" got a sarcastic response. Give it up Nagin, because I think YOU have something to hide. Remember, whatever you do in the dark WILL come out in the light.