Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An interesting comment

I had noticed a sudden increase in traffic to my blog from Knoxville, TN and I commented on it on a previous post. I got this very interesting comment in response:

Anonymous said...

The folks hitting the website are most likely from Previstar (formally RamSafe). My City Hall insider says that this system was marginally used after Katrina to process FEMA project worksheets. The company basically used the City to develop a revision to the product and re-branded it Previstar. The system was never paid for by the City even though the system was pushed by the vendor as a paid product. This is where it gets interesting...FEMA balked at reimbursing the City for Previstar (RamSafe) however, Mark Kurt was "told" to get the invoice paid. Even though it was clearly a 50/50 chance that FEMA would pay.

Although Previstar lists two locations on their website, it was staff from the Knoxville office supported efforts in New Orleans.

I am sure the Knoxville folks are wondering what the hell did they get themselves into.

Previstar, Inc.
2011 Crystal Drive
Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22202
800-499-9879 (Toll Free)
865-392-5319 (Fax)

10215 Technology Drive, Suite 101
Knoxville, TN 37932
865-392-5319 (Fax)


Incidentally, Greg Meffert was recently appointed as a board member to Previstar.


Anonymous said...

Keep digging AZ. This is all very very disturbing as it has been since you've been reporting all of this. It really makes me want to both cry and vomit. Let's hope some formal investigations start happening real soon before this city's decay is too much for any of us to take. We're #1 in murders again I see. And we look at these white collar crooks running our city and wonder why? Monkey see, monkey do. It's criminal how this city is run.

Anonymous said...

While I agree there are issue in how things are run, I do not agree with that being the cause of murders. These murders are mostly bad people killing bad people. Bad people that will be bad regardless of how the city is run.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2,
Although I somewhat agree with your comment of "these people are mostly people killing bad people", I disagree with "bad people...will be bad regardless of how the city is run".
This is exactly the kind of mentality that pisses me off!
Don't you realize this is why we need the cameras to be fully working because it has proven to work in lowering the crime rate. The city is run so poorly that these "bad people" are getting away with murder! Literally!
If the city was being run properly absent of it's past corruption and shady deals, I truly believe New Orleans can and will be a safe place.
We need leadership and we need to start with a clean slate.