Monday, March 12, 2007

How sad...

ImagineANON # 1 pouts and says " I was almost to the point of answering your questions and giving you the info you really want, but its over. Guess you'll never know."

He provided no answers anyway...just venom.

Now he's a troll:

"Sounds like a lot of "speculation", to use your words! Sounds like American Zombie has a hard-on for these people that he goes after, kind of like an elementary school crush. Are you in love with these people?"

"Dude, are you serious? While I don't care for Bush...he didn't steal the election! You say, "I am the dreamer and the dream", its more like you live in a fantasy world. I hope you wake up before you start something that really screws us up...even more then we already are! "

"That is just great, you want the Mayor to drink Windex. Damn, you are a smart man! "

Excessive use of exclamation points...This guy must be really frustrated. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for him.

I'll steal a Haney analogy (paraphrase): "He's the guy at the bar that yells instead of talking...he has nothing interesting to say so he just yells, hoping someone...anyone...will pay attention to him."

Troll on dude....if it makes you feel better. If that doesn't help maybe this will.


Anonymous said...

Bush didn't steal the election? Hmmm... someone needs to watch the HBO Documentary "Hacking Democracy" before they speak hastily. "In the 2000 presidential election, an electronic voting machine recorded minus 16,022 votes for Al Gore in Volusia County, Fla." Negative vote totals can't happen accidentally.

Anonymous said...

"Excessive use of exclamation points...This guy must be really frustrated." Looks like he only used 2.
Do you believe that Al Gore would have done better? Using 30x more energy then the average home? Preaching "carbon credits" when he owns part of the company that sells them? "An Inconvenient Truth" is just a sales pitch.
Everyone on the left hates everyone on the right who hates everyone on the left, and so on. Politics suck, its flawed, and that is the way it is.
Dambala, seems like you only like to post comments that match your opinion. Does this one match?

Jason Brad Berry said...

- Dambala, seems like you only like to post comments that match your opinion. Does this one match?


Jason Brad Berry said...

I just read that whole comment. Do I think Al Gore would have lied to get us into a perpetual war to quench the endless greed of our Corporatocracy?. Do I think he would allow prisons to be set up in order to torture people and eliminate habeas corpus? Do I think he would run our national deficit up 5 times higher than any previous president before him? Do I think he would have ignored the pressing reality that carbon emmisions are heating up our planet?

Are you actually trying to justify Bush's presidency or just discredit Gore? What fucking planet are you on? I guess you're in the 20% who still think this dumbfuck is doing a good job.