Friday, March 16, 2007

Oyster weighs in on WWL Meffert interview

For those of you who didn't catch it (like me), Greg Meffert, former City of N.O. CTO and kickback king was on the Garland Robinette show yesterday. I'm sorry I missed it, but luckily the jewel in New Orleans political blogging crown, Oyster from Your Right Hand Thief listened to the is his review:

Meffert drowns in Think Tank

Today, as I listened to Garland Robinette interview former Chief Technology Officer Greg Meffert on WWL 870am, I realized that Meffert sounds like a colossal buffoon. His attempts to defend himself from various allegations were confused, evasive, disjointed, and unprofessional. In my opinion, he was totally unconvincing.

After Robinette's hour long radio segment with Meffert, I found it very, very difficult to understand how this guy became so respected. The worst was the cringe-inducing slang Meffert used throughout the interview. It made the "brash computer whiz" seem like a doofus who was attempting to be cool. People in forty states heard Meffert bumble through an explanation as to why he and his "peeps" didn't, like, collude or self-deal on, you know, various city contracts... like, you know.

Honestly, it was embarrassing. Meffert stumbled and bumbled so badly, he made Robinette sound like George Plimpton. I'll try to find an audio file if possible. If you heard it, tell me what you thought.


Anonymous said...

Oyster's been on fire. Kinda like you. I'm reading on the edge of my seat.

Jason Brad Berry said...

no shit, huh? Everytime I go to his site I go to write a comment and I get sidetracked by another great post I haven't read yet.

Anonymous said...

Greg's word selection was bad, in fact, it was very poor. And that is all Oyster says. What about the message that was hidden under all the "cringe-inducing slang"? Why are we not talking about that? Someone really needs to get an audio of the interview and try to pull out what he was saying. I was only able to get a little of it.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I hope they post the audio....I really want to hear it. But the fact is, Greg, Kurt, St. Pierre and chronies are obviously aware of the blog (I was told it was mentioned on the interview yesterday) and there are numerous accusations posted here....they have every opportunity to respond to these allegations.

BTW, Oyster doesn't just say his word selection was bad...he implies that Meffert didn't provide adequate answers to the allegations. We'll ask him to verify that.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that someone posted the audio file. After listening to it, it sounded like Greg did good for the first 12 minutes. He seemed to make some valid points.
I'm going to listen to it again and try and write down all the points that his side were trying to make.

Anonymous said...

MP3 of Meffert:

Anonymous said...

Classic Muppet! He's a master manipulator. No doubt the caller was a setup. Doesn't surprise me since Greg and his boys used to get techs at to pull negative posts about them off of the mayoral forum. Greg and his boys (Mark Kurt, Scott Domke, Mark St. Pierre and Paul Hastings) are racist, sexist, womanizing pigs who have been manipulating and draining the city's coffers since the ink dried on their contracts. Fact is, half of them didn't even live in Orleans Parish. Can you say Abita Springs and Harahan, boys and girls?

Muppet's "boys" know where the bones are buried + Greg loves the limelight = The Garland show.

But guess what Greg, just like Anna Nicole, the jig is up BIOTCH! Did your boys put you up to clearing their name? Or did you think Garland's show would make you look legit and clear the air until the story blows over?

No doubt you're probably stressed about how you're going to keep those "whiny ass" Imagine boys quiet. Gotta keep them from spewing all the secrets about the corrupt deals, strip clubs, hotel rooms for women, vacations in Hawaii, yachts and other Imagine funded ventures.

But they're YOUR PEEPS right? They'd never do that.

Are you scared you'll have to get a real job, man? Well don't be. because you've got a promising future in the federal penitentiary picking up bars of soap. Ooops, but you like that don't you?

Your plan outright was to set up Imagine so you could become CEO after you left the city. You planned to use ACS, Southern and any other company to position your boys so they could takeover the contract.

You're no Tony Soprano Muppet and this ain't HBO. You better hope you come clean about the things you did at City Hall before the feds get hold of you.

Maybe you should start by asking yourself the same thing you asked of the media on Garland's show. HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS GIVEN EVERYTHING THAT'S GOING ON IN THIS CITY, ESPECIALLY AFTER KATRINA?

Zombie, TP and YRHT, KEEP PUTTIN THE HEAT ON THEIR ASSES because it's about to get good. And the same civil servants Muppet and his Imaginary boys walked by without speaking to in City Hall or drove by at the bus stop in their shiny new Lexus and BMWs -- they'll be watching too when their asses fry in federal court.

oyster said...

Thanks for the kind words, dambala and sophmom.