Sunday, March 11, 2007

Power, Access, Culture

The new symbol of Acadian Independence.

The only thing I would have added was plastic....Power, Access, Culture, and Plastic.

Great Job guys.....the website is coming soon.

How realistic is the notion of secession? Not very. However, there are precious few states in the union who could secede and prove themselves economically viable.....we are one. The Texas and Louisiana coasts power the entire east coast of this country. Over 30% of the country's energy supply flows through Port Fourchon alone. Up to 80% of the country's diesel refineries lie on the Texas/Louisiana border.

Keep in mind that even the suggestion of secession is seditious and hence treason...there is no 1st amendment protection in matters of national security. While the symbol itself is ambigous...I would consider this before I launched a website and I would carefully consider the semantics which constitute that website.

Exposing the identity of a CIA operative is treason as well...but the insolent bastards who committed that crime are still running this country.

It is fun to think about though. I can envision hundreds of shrimp boats forming an armada in the Mississippi to block all traffic up and down stream. Although we couldn't really stage a Boston Tea Party....dumping oil and coal into the Mississippi probably isn't a good idea. The blockade is possible it "The Pirogue Armada".....we could run steel cables across the river and back it up with shrimp boats and pirogues. Then we surround Fourchon with Louisiana National Gaurdsmen and shut it off....gas prices would probably jump $2/gallon the next morning and the stock market would come unhinged. The ghostly laugh of Huey Long would echo through Wall Street. The Pentagon would probably have to bring troops back from Iraq to quell the uprising....wouldn't that be ironic?

It's mental masturbation, but it's fun. Now if Jeb Bush runs in 2008 and they steal the election again...the surreal may seem much more plausible.


Anonymous said...

Since just after the storm, friends of mine and I talked about the secession issue. (And then, of course, I wrote the "sedition" piece and got lots of email about that.) Actually, if I remember my history classes correctly, the only state that actually has a clause in their consititution allowing secession is Texas, a holdover from Sam Houston's days.

That having been said, what we were advocating was "economic secession." Everyone pay their federal taxes, get the governor (yeah, that'll happen!) to put all those fed tax revenues from Louisiana in escrow to be used solely for the use of Louisiana, i.e. levees and wetlands. Close the ports. Just shut them down. Withhold any and all money from our oil and gas.

Hold it all hostage until the Feds pony up, forgive the 10% Stafford Act money, and start FIXING the levees and wetlands. Once they do that, we can decide to become part of the "other 47" if we want---or not.

You're right, it's a great fantasy, and one that would work but unfortunately would require too many of our "officials" involvement to make it happen.

Still, a girl has to have a dream!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to join you in the "mental masturbation of secession", Dambala. Although the thought is a far reach, nothing is impossible. It would truly be a chance for New Orleans to start over.
I believe in the saying "your reality is what you make of it." All we have to do is convince every body else.

Jason Brad Berry said...


We share the same philosophy..."I am the dreamer and the dream."

I think the only way it could happen is if there is a single galvanizing another levee break with no response from the another stolen presidential a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran....something of that caliber.

The "reality" this administration has created for this country is pretty scary. What's amazing to me is that the majority of this braindead country can't see what that reality is because they're too caught up in their own games, American Idol, and Britney's cooch.

While many of us in Nawlins are "aware"....there is still a large portion of the city hunkered down in their insular uptown evironment who think "everything is ok for me". They are in a for a very rude awakening. I suspect the majority of them will last until the next levee breach...then we'll truly separate the wheat from the chaff.

Perahaps then....

Jason Brad Berry said...

By the way, Ez....I'm not sure if you are invoking the feminine ying to Papa Legba's phallic yang...if so I believe the Haitian's spell her Name Erzulie...Er not Ez.

If so, I hope you've been formally introduced to her by a Voudun priest/priestess. There are two ways to meet an Orisha...the easy way and the hard way. She is not one you want to meet the hard me.


Anonymous said...

Dude, are you serious? While I don't care for Bush...he didn't steal the election! You say, "I am the dreamer and the dream", its more like you live in a fantasy world. I hope you wake up before you start something that really screws us up...even more then we already are!

Jason Brad Berry said...

so petty. so trite. so really like exclamation points , huh?

Anonymous said...

In the Spiritual Path I follow, one dreams the dream, visualizes it, embues it with power and then states "So mote it Be".

It's a variation of the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome. (won't affect the Chimporer alas.)

Anon? Wake up and smell the chicory in your coffee.