Sunday, April 01, 2007

24 hours later....

I just reread that post and email from last still pisses me off to no end.

The silence is deafening, mook......whaddayagot?

I'll tell you what you got...a whole lotta nothin'.

And one more thing...I've slammed Vitty Cent on this site numerous times. Only because I don't agreee with his agenda...never because I've accused him of being corrupt or crooked. I have philosophical disagreements with him, but I don't believe he's corrupt in any way. As much as I disagree with him, I still think he is honorable and I respect him.

Nagin...I am accusing.


Anonymous said...

Communication review says you won't get a response from the same party today. That comment/email reads like one of C Ray's reverends-in-pocket. I hear his rhetorical style of preaching in my head, so he must be one of the known ones on about local media, but I can't place which one at the moment.

If you want to get somewhere with this part of the anti-corruption campaign, you need to counter the cult of personality effects that keep C Ray in his protection bubble. Especially if he's now laying tracks for higher office instead of doing his work here. I thoroughly denounce the kind of mayor who allows hunting to go down on his streets like in the latest murder; that poor kid never stood a chance. Even if it was drug-related, no one should be hunted street to street, lest society itself collapse in the framing. Thanks for nothing, Ray.

Anonymous said...

Ashe' Dambala Dear,
I'm reading all this stuff happening right now, and I understand rayray just had a fundraiser right after the 'recovery plan' was released, and that the attendees were the hopefuls for the work? Please let's follow this closely- that is just too fucking rediculous.

bayoustjohndavid said...

I guess the only thing that I would to your answer is that's it's Nagin's actions that give the Jeb Hensarling's in Washington the excuse to call for federal audits. For that matter, Nagin administration dealings with one of the preachers that anonymous mentions are, or were, under grand jury investigation. For all her faults, Blanco hasn't engaged that demands further investigation. Nobody would say that the Hensarling's of this world would give her a pass.

Problem is, we can't wait for the federal investigations to take have effect. The financially, Haydel ended up ahead on the RTA deal and the city ended up behind. With bigger contracts involved, the city could end up bankrupted. More importantly, corruption makes it easier to bulldoze buildings that can't be replaced.