Saturday, April 14, 2007

Is New Orleans getting hit over the head with the 700 Club

regent |ˈrējənt| noun

1. a person appointed to administer a country because the monarch is a minor or is absent or incapacitated.

2. a member of the governing body of a university or other academic institution.

After my recent post about Monica Goodling and the Gonzalez attorney firings scandal, Dangerblonde posted a comment stating that there are currently over a 100 graduates of Pat Robertson's Regent University serving in the Bush administration. I didn't believe that at first...turns out it's true. I've been digging the internets with the googles to learn more about Regent and their influence on the Bush admin.

I've also been putting a lot of thought into New Orleans current plight...why we have seen so little progress in our efforts to rebuild, why are so many Americans hostile towards us, and most importantly....why the Bush administration has for the most part abandoned us.

Here's an editorial posted in October of 2005, immediately following the storm, by James A. Davids, President of the Christian Legal Society (whatever the fuck that is) and Assist. Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University....take the time to read me it's worth it.

Where to begin...First I'm curious how a church adopts a nuclear submarine. Is there a screening process to make sure the church has never molested a nuclear submarine before? I mean this is pretty serious shit folks....what does adopt mean? Did Robertson's church finance the building of an American nuclear submarine? What the fuck is this guy talking about here?

Aside from that troubling revelation...this guy is an Assistant Dean of a University and he can't spell ie. levies....he starts off making this argument that the men serving in our military are putting their lives on the line not specifically for freedom, but for some sense of social and cultural morality...some sense being his sense. Then out of the blue....he attacks New Orleans:

I doubt that social conservatives mourn the loss of every element of pre-flood New Orleans.

We do not grieve, however, for the flooded and destroyed sex clubs that filled men with lust and degraded women. We do not miss the casinos that preyed upon individuals whose lack of self-control deprived families of needed food and shelter. We do not lament the destruction of voodoo stores prevalent in New Orleans before the flood. gavte la nata.

As America slides into more sex clubs, casinos, and voodoo stores, who will lament for the demise of America? Who will defend an ever increasingly debauched America? Will the promoters of licentiousness defend America and its culture? Will the promoters of individual rights, rather than the defenders of community values, sacrifice their lives for America? Will those who press their rights, rather than their duties, die for the community? I have my doubts.

Let's just look at the Voodoo issue for a second. He of course is not aware that Voodoo is a religion...just like his. As a matter of fact...Voodoo is older than his religion, much older. But unlike his religion, it does not practice exclusivity. To a follower of the Yoruba tenet....everyone lives in the presence of Ashe'. We do not, therefore, feel the need to "convert" people to our beliefs like evangelical Christians do. Sex clubs may be on the rise in America, casinos may be on the rise....but "Voodoo Stores"...I don't think so. And if they's because the religion is being exploited and capitalized, not because of a Voodoo cabal trying to undermine his notions of a sacred Christian morality and culture.

Now let's get back to the morality of American soldiers. I don't frequent sex clubs in New Orleans...even if I wanted to, I don't have the money. Those vices are usually entertained by guys with a lot of Jimmy Swaggert cruising Airline Highway. But the few times I have gone to strip clubs, it's funny how I've noticed a lot of military guys in them. I wonder if we took a poll of our military men in Iraq right now and asked them..."Do you want strip clubs and sex shops to be outlawed in America?" what the response would be. Do you think the men fighting for our freedoms in Iraq would opt to put strippers out of business in America? As Jim put it....I have my doubts.

Also...on the matter that he "does not greive" for the sex clubs, casinos, and voodoo shops that were destroyed in New Orleans. Actually very few if any of them were destroyed. As a matter of fact, Katrina proved to be a boon for the Casinos and Sex Clubs in New Orleans. If he's implying that the hand of God wrought justice against the morally corrupt city of New Orleans, as his delusional leader Robertson did....I want to point out that the casinos, sex clubs, and the parts of the city with a higher population of homosexuals, were actually spared during the flood. So if Yahweh was reaping vengeance...the lesson here would be that he either 1. has bad aim or 2. Doesn't necessarily dislike homosexuals, gamblers, and strippers.....but he doesn't like their neighbors.

My present and future students are driven by a sense of community and a love of freedom; a freedom to worship, a freedom to start and raise a family. They did not enlist to make the world safe for depravity. I'm free to worship...I worship Ashe'...or does he mean free to worship what he believes everyone should be worshipping?

but I suspect many others thought the sex and violence obsessed Roman Empire was not worth their ultimate sacrifice. I wonder if we are approaching that situation again.

That's funny coming from a guy who "adopted" a nuclear submarine and worships under a leader who called for the assassination of a South American president.

Human nature being no different 1600 years ago, the survivors engaged in finger pointing.

I wouldn't question him on his understanding of this aspect of human nature...he certainly has a firm grasp of finger pointing. But I would ask him a question..."If you got rid of all the prostitutes, strippers, gamblers, voodoo worshipers, Muslims, and whatever else it is that keeps you propped up on your lofty soapbox....what would you do then? Who would you hate then? You're whole existence is based on being right as rain in a world wrought with demonic influence and immorality...wouldn't you feel a little lonelier without cities like New Orleans to point your finger at?"

After discovering that 150 minds who have been influenced by peckerheads like this have mangaged to infiltrate the Bush administration....a lot of things are beginning to make more sense to me now. I think they truly view themselves as the 1st definition of regent...our monarch is definitely a minor and incapacitated...and there's nothing they would love more than to administer this country. It speaks volumes about the pace of New Orleans reconstruction and the Bush administration's policy towards us.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Dean Fuckmook?

Hate to tell you, but the sex clubs (where GOPers like Jack Ryan took Jeri) and the voodoo shops did *not* get flooded. So you'll be able to continue to act holier than thou, yet come down here and go all Ted Haggard and Mark Foley on us.

And you sure as hell miss the casinos, where you can legitimze the behavior you allegedly find reprehensible, while simultaneously shrinking the middle class and putting more money by the post-capitalistic locksteppers into your coffers.

I want to adopt a rocket launcher, and go Bruce Cockburn on him and his school.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher ended his show with this story this week. It was so close I had to wonder if his writers have been stopping by to read AZ.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

It wouldn't be the first time that Bill Maher & his writers have ripped-off jokes, word for word, from message boards and/or blogs, trust me.

But y'know, the more and more that these scumsucking parasites who call themselves "moral leaders" (BWUAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!) are surfacing (whether through evidence of their corruption/outright thievery and/or crimes & misdemeanors, or from their outright arrogance where they think that they truly DO now have "eminent domain" over this country), the more smarmy/slimy/disgusting that they are shown to be.

I'd sooner give authority (over any part of this country) to Krusty the fucking KLOWN than to any of these closet-case flaming sexist-pig HATERS. I wanna look into THIS fucking mook's closet and see how many skeletons, vibrators, bondage-boy get-ups, etc. are NOT gathering dust in there.

The more they hate, the more they reveal what THEY are ashamed of and hate about themselves.

And THESE are the weak-minded PARASITES and non-working THIEVES that Dumbya & Dick handed, with the most arrogant/condescending smirks possible, HUGE WADS of the taxpayers' money, for their "FAITH-BASED INITIATIVES," as yet another excuse to gut & destroy the social services that actually keep so many people in this country ALIVE.

Next thing you know, they're going to hand my disability check to a fucking snake-handling hillbilly mouth-breather pentecostal CULT and tell me that I have to become ONE OF THEM (as most of those gubmint-welfare-sucking cults have done to the people who DESERVED ACTUAL FUCKING HELP FROM THE GOVERNMENT) in order to keep my lights on and my rent on my substandard subsidized closet-sized apartment paid. I'd like to see 'em TRY, anyway, 'cause I would soooooooo lenjoy how it would turn out.

How come you didn't apply to be a "faith-based aid organization," Dambala? Hell, you could be rakin' in the bucks, if they were willing to "recognize" your religion. But then, since you're not a monotheistic, monosyllabic, mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger, no, you prolly wouldn't get it. But wouldn't it be a HOOT to apply for it anyway???

I'll send you a "clergy" sticker for your car if you do it... heh heh heh...

LAW70 said...

Okay, I DO consider myself a Christian and Pat Robertson does NOT speak for me. He has flown off the handle so many times and I am wondering if anyone (meaning the believers in Christ)is going to tell him to keep his mouth shut. It grieves me to hear how different individuals are constantly attacking N.O., but ask them when was the last time they helped to revitalize this city - they go silent. Maybe this is the reason why Nagin made the commment he made about the World Trade Center. Given the commment was not appropriate, I could see some frustration on his part due to the various verbal attacks on NO and the lack of funds to rebuild.

Sam Jasper said...

Okay, I'd be laughing if I wasn't so appalled. The entire editorial was something else, but this might have been my favorite paragraph:

"Other than the radio announcer, all of the individuals identified above are Christians. They love God, they love their country, and they are willing to die for both. They more likely tune in to talk radio than log on to They prefer NASCAR to C-Span book reviews. They go to church frequently, but never to ACLU or PETA meetings. They and their military colleagues predictably vote Republican, which is why the Democrats in 2000 challenged their write-in votes in the Florida presidential recount."

I could, and often do while pontificating in my kitchen, make a case for our culture being screwed up by talk radio, the Nascar mentality, churches and Republicans. But I won't go there today. Instead, I'm still trying to make sense out of his last sentence!

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with most of what is being said I would hope that we could eventually learn to express ourselves without using the profanity, It doesn't further our cause and it is degrading to us as spiritual people. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me about this people that talk about New Orleans is that they are part of the problem. I don't care if people use drugs and have sex! My problems is when people talk about how immoral the city is and then are involved with illicit activities. It remind me of the drunken blonde college girlies that come to the city to get have all the one night stands they want and when they get back to Nebraska they are virgins. I find it hypocritical for participants in these activities to bash our great old city, as if there are no illegal drugs, prostitution, or orgies going on in other states, I think not. I always found it odd that people not originally from New Orleans can always managed to find the worst aspects of the city, enjoy them and then bash they city. Some people!