Friday, April 13, 2007

The MeeMaw retirement fund

I just heard an amusing/disturbing/unconfirmed story.

Previous to making her decision not to run for a second term, Governor Blanco was summoned by the top Democratic movers and shakers in the state to discuss her future and the plans for the party in the upcoming election.

As the meeting progressed she was told by the majority of these PowerDems that they would not support her run for a second term. This was no surprise to her, or anyone with half a brain.

She then responded with a rather curious question. Having approximately 2 million dollars in her current campaign war chest, she queried, "If I pay taxes on the money....can I keep it?" The response was reportedly a mixture of shock, disgust, and uneasy laughter....finally someone replied, "Yeah....if you want to go to jail."

Say it ain't so, Joe....say it aint so.

I don't really know how I feel about this. The first question I have is what does happen to that money. It's obvious her political career is kaput. So where does the money go? To Breaux's campaign? Does it default to the next Democratic candidate? Does she have the right to gift the money to the candidate of her choosing? What is the legality in this situation?

On a personal note, I worry about MeeMaw. The insider who relayed the story suggested that her role as governor has not proven to be a financial boon for her as one might expect when looking at previous Gubner's of da Gret Stet. I'm not sure if this is a testament to her honesty and integrity or an indicator of how piss poor our state is. I think her annual salary is about 140k, so I can't feel completely sorry for her, but the source said she is seriously concerned about her financial welfare once the U-Haul pulls up to the Governor's Mansion. Doesn't she get some kind of pension? Can she apply for a Road Home grant?

Now I can't completely verify that this story is true (I think the source is pretty credible)....but it's got me worried about her. I really like Kathleen, despite her less than sterling performance in crisis mode. I'm thinking about creating a MeeMaw retirement website and setting up a PayPal account to take donations for her. I'd like to picture her sipping toddies on the porch of a Lafeyette chateau overlooking the Vermilion the rest of her days. Now I have a nightmare of her being stuck in a retirement home in Chalmette and being abandoned during the next hurricane. I was thinking about buying a modular house...maybe I can have a modular mother-in-law apartment built along with it and I'll put her up with me. We can drink Abita's and reminisce about the Poverty summit and life in the, those were the days.

Don't worry MeeMaw...I got your back.


Anonymous said...

don't buy modular, whatever you do. they're the cheapest possible product at the highest possible price. Harder to get mortgage & insurance, de-value instead of appreciate over time. However, I know of some Airstreams might be available.

As for Meemaw, I could give her my leftover Salvation Army vouchers and the last MREs. I will say a prayer for her.

I used to love her very much. Now she just makes me sad and really, really upset. She has totally completely failed to take politics out of her administration at all levels. She has monumentally failed us. Whole state departments like Education/RSD and LSU Medical have remained entrenched political fiefdoms. Charity is closed and the schools are in shambles because specific people close to her (Jacobs, Smithburg) have personal agendas and egos that are hurting us so badly, and yet she doesn't seem to care or is helpless to remove them. It is inexcusable and people are literally dying because of this exact bullshit.

I used to love her, but I have to leave her behind.

Adieu, Meemaw! Take your "FRIENDS" with you. (And they can fuck off or drop dead.)

Anonymous said...

The fact that she even ASKED that question just confirms how out of touch this woman is.

Plus, don't worry about MeeMaw. I hear her husband is loaded. I'll bet they retire to another state.

Anonymous said...

oya's third paragraph sounds like a judas speech: he also complained about the way christ ignored the jewish agenda. perhaps meemaw doesn't want your prayer, oya. shame on you. as if you could leave someone else behind.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt that the story is true. Meemaw has been in politics for a long time. I've also heard that the internal debate in the Blanco camp is HOW she spread the money around to other Dems. Color me skeptical and I'm not a Meemaw fan.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Oya is female.

Jason Brad Berry said...


I don't know fo' true. I just know it's not from left field.

Anonymous said...

but judas was male. that was the only gender reference.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

I've seen "modulars" made out of steel shipping containers ("This Old House" or something similar on PBS) that turned out REALLY nice, so you might want to look into that, too. Solar power roof panels, skylights, expanded insulation & sheetrock, and it really does look like a real house! I don't know how low-lying your property is, so I don't know if they can do it on piers, but it's a new kind of recycling that might really work. Imagine how many of those containers are retired every year --- hell, you could start a whole new industry here!

MeeMaw is a very depressing topic. The woman was bent over a barrel and treated like The Gimp by our so-called president and all of the Rovian attack dogs, and she busted her ass 1000% more than Flee-To-San-Antonio-Ray. Yet Ray's handlers make sure that Corruption-Junkie-Boy gets re-coronated, and Kathleen is smeared and slandered all the way out the fucking door.

Yes, she will draw a pension. I don't think that she'll be living hand-to-mouth, either. "Coach" ain't exactly hurtin' in the finance department.

I just wish that the self-appointed republicunt "historians" weren't being allowed to already clusterfuck her "legacy." Katrina might've been the "defining moment," but MeeMaw did manage to accomplish a few things before that bitch came to town.

Anonymous said...

dude! antichrist! i've been circulating the container-conversion info with permission from the experts for well over a year - i gave the manual to common ground and 7th ward guys and everything. everybody's struggling too much to invest in something else even to get it started. it makes so much sense! too much sense, apparently cause we ain't got it here. is that modular though? i think its more re-use or conversion. anyway i have the complete how-to instructions in a PDF if you're seriously interested.

would be a great industry for the trailer-alternative grant that mississippi got all of.